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Flying Stars Program

 Travel is an important part of any astronomer's job. The AAVSO is an international association with members and observers in more than 40 countries. It is important that AAVSO staff travel and represent the organization at both professional and amateur meetings all over the globe. This can get quite expensive, especially with rising fuel costs.

To help fund future travel the AAVSO would like to announce the AAVSO Flying Star Program.

Donate $1000 to the Flying Star Program


Purchase a ticket for an AAVSO staff member
with your frequent flyer miles

In return, you will get:

    * A letter from the Director, describing the donation, for your tax records.
    * A full report of meeting activities and results personally sent to you by the staff member who travelled on your donation.
    * Your name listed in the acknowledgements section in any poster, talk or paper presented at the meeting and/or published.
    * Your name listed as a "Flying Star" on the AAVSO web site and home page.


    * All donations are tax deductible in the USA
    * Your donation will only be used for air, train or bus fare and not for any other expense.

Professional meeting attendance is critical for three main reasons. First, we need to present results of research coming out of your observations. We also need to continually educate and update the professional community as to the ever growing capabilities of our observers. Finally, the networking that takes place at the meetings leads to many exciting opportunities for the AAVSO. For example, the exoplanet transit campaigns (and associated press coverage) is a direct result of a chance meeting that took place at the 204th meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

Amateur meetings are just as important. At these meetings and workshops we recruit new members and observers. We also cement relationships with and train newer members and observers. An important outreach component of the AAVSO's mission is fulfilled by educating the public about variable star science.


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