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Free Stuff

It's time to clean out the "attic" of all those trasures that are just too good to trash.

The first thing I am going to try to get rid of is a copy of the SAO star catalog - all 4 volumes, printed in 1965.  Price: free.  You either have to come get it in Hawaii, or I can mail it to you in two USPS medium flat rate boxes, $11.35 apiece.  If you want 'em, let me know,

Watch this space, I'll be moving some more stuff soon.


Gone to good home.  Thanks

Gone to good home.  Thanks for looking!

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SAO 58521


See "New Topic"

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SAO Catalogue

It's a sign of the times... I used (now-redundant) copies of my SAO Catalogue to prop up the end of my bed to recuperate from a leg injury! I also have the atlas, and am looking for cretive ways to use that!

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