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Is this the future for optical astronomy?

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Is this the future for optical astronomy?
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future for optical astronomy?

I think so... sadly.

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Elon on the Red Planet

Mr. Musk wants to colonize Mars, but he has a problem: SpaceX can't make enough money on its own to cover the cost.  The purpose of the Starlink Internet system is to bring in the cash needed for his Martian venture.

Boycott Tesla...


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more work for us

If LSST can't do it, i guess AAVSO will have to.

Maybe it will be MAVSO.

If I coud just get my 8" remote scope on Mars . . .

Eric Dose
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To adapt Benjamin Franklin's

To adapt Benjamin Franklin's famous quotation:

It takes many good people to preserve a good sky, and only one bad one to lose it.

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And it's not just optical

And it's not just optical astronomy, I think the radio astronomers are not happy either.

IAU Statement on Satellite Constellations

Is AAVSO interested in putting out a statement?


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