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Gaia17bhx: faint interesting Gaia object

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Sebastian Otero
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Gaia17bhx: faint interesting Gaia object

Unfortunately it is already too faint (<20.1G) but this object looks interesting:


Zoom in the Gaia light curve.

Even when the Gaia team wrote "Gaia source declines by ~2 mag over 12 days", there was no previous Gaia star there.

A nova or a supernova? No host or progenitor is seen.

The extremely clean light curve casts some doubts about it though.


Anyone able to get observations?

The object is at 14 48 26.86 -63 48 15.7 (J2000.0) in Circinus.
Beware of a 19th mag. star 3" to the NNW.




Sebastian Otero

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