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Gaia18bmt bright microlensing event

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Gaia18bmt bright microlensing event

Dear Observers,

Gaia has just found a beautiful microlensing event in the Galactic Disk, Gaia18bmt:

It should be just now passing through its highest brightness and high temporal observations are necessary to properly characterise the event and to derive the nature of the lens (planet, star or a black hole). It should be about V=11-12 mag in next days, the peak is predicted to within days from June 14th,2018.

A note on observing microlensing events. The peak should be covered with the highest cadence possible (at least 30mins). After the peak the cadence can be less frequent, at least 1 frame per night and then please continue until the baseline, this event is fairly bright at the baseline, about V=15. 



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