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Gaia20cso - weird object

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Sebastian Otero
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Gaia20cso - weird object

This object looks interesting (unfortunately it is in Canis Majoris, not well-placed for observations now).

It was virtually constant for years at G= 14.88; V= 14.94; g= 15.20 until at least HJD 2458985 and then started varying with P= 1.31 d. and an amplitude of 0.5 mag. after HJD ~2459012.

It has B-V= 0.55 (APASS); g-r= 0.35 (SDSS/Pan-STARRS1) and J-K= 0.26 (2MASS).

It looks like a normal star.

Any suggestion or explanation?

VSX entry:

(see the light curves)


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