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GET API access to Variable Star Database

The Variable Star Database (VSD) is the collection of comparison stars plotted with our Variable Star Plotter (VSP). We have created an API for the public to query the VSD and get back photometry on those comparison stars. This is basically the same data shown in the "photometry table" option of VSP, except it is in a delimited format easily parsed by automated software. In other words, you can use this format for your own scripts/software/etc. The format may change over time, but we will attempt to keep the changes to a minimum and will add fields to the end of the format, so make it easier for you to maintain.

To access the delimited version via the GET method, put &delimited=yes in the URL, below is a sample:

The format is delimited by the pipe (|) character. The fields are:

  1. AUID
  2. RA
  3. Declination
  4. Chart Label
  5. U magnitude
  6. U Mag error
  7. U Mag source
  8. B magnitude
  9. B Mag error
  10. B Mag source
  11. V magnitude
  12. V Mag error
  13. V Mag source
  14. Rc magnitude
  15. Rc Mag error
  16. Rc Mag source
  17. I magnitude
  18. I Mag error
  19. I Mag source
  20. J magnitude
  21. J Mag error
  22. J Mag source
  23. H magnitude
  24. H Mag error
  25. H Mag source
  26. K magnitude
  27. K Mag error
  28. K Mag source
  29. Sloan U magnitude
  30. Sloan U Mag error
  31. Sloan U Mag source
  32. Sloan G magnitude
  33. Sloan G Mag error
  34. Sloan G Mag source
  35. Sloan R magnitude
  36. Sloan R Mag error
  37. Sloan R Mag source
  38. Sloan I magnitude
  39. Sloan I Mag error
  40. Sloan I Mag source
  41. Sloan Z magnitude
  42. Sloan Z Mag error
  43. Sloan Z Mag source
  45. Chart ID

At the end of the file will be the keyword Count=.

The value of that keyword will be one of the following:

  1. X where X is the total number of stars in the photometry list
  2. 0 when we don't have have any photometry for the field in which you searched
  3. NA when the star name you put in the search was not resolved by VSX

Click here for information about plotting charts via the GET method and for definitions for the other keywords in the URL.

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