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GR Ori time series needed

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Matthew Templeton
Joined: 2010-03-12

Hi everyone,

If you're able to do CCD time series, observations of GR Ori would be very welcome over the next few weeks.  Spectra by Terry Bohlsen and others made clear this is a CV rather than a nova, and given the amplitude it is likely to be a WZ Sge star.  Given that, superhumps may start to appear in the near future.  If you can get good S/N (> 20) in under 5 minutes at V=14-15, it's worth your time.

If you're using old charts for this, please update them -- both the coordinates and the sequence were updated in the past few days.

Many thanks to the observers currently following this star!

Clear skies,

GR Ori
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Joined: 2010-07-25

To:   Matt,

My photometry is flexiable, but this object hits meridian about 1-2 hrs after it get dark.  Would it be better to do a single Clear filter as V series for maximum SNR or a BBBVVVRRRBBBVVVRRR series?  Using filters increases my exposure time by about 3x.  I seem to get the best "contrast" from my light polluted sky with the B filter.  The R & V filter shows more backround sky vingnettting, because I'm looking over downtown LA where this object sets.


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