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In the recent discussion in Forum; “V1331 Cyg HST Image” Mike Poxon drew our attention to another young stellar object nearby; V1982, and the associated reflection nebula...deep breath...Gyulbudaghian 98-171. I'd overlooked that (G98) 171 is featured in Sue French's pages in The September S&T: how often, it happens, that some novelty immediately presents again in another context!


But, can anyone tell me, who is, or was, Gyulbudaghian, and how the name should be pronounced?


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Gyulbudaghian Nebula

Hi Bill,

According to the BAA, Armen Gyulbudaghian was a Soviet astronomer.

His name is pronounced guy-ool-boo-dah-gee-an.

There's more info here on the BAA site:



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A Word of Power.


Thanks Doug, for that very comprehensive answer to my question. It has something of the quality of a powerful spell.


Now for the nebula itself. Sue French reckons it can be held with her 10”, but I expect she has a fairly dark site. POX reports a positive: I think he has a 16”Dob. For the moment I'll be content to add V1982 to my Cygnus items, and see what emerges.

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Born in 1948, he is still alive as far as I can tell. You can even get a picture, his email and telephone number and a list of publications here



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I should think Gyulbudaghian

I should think Gyulbudaghian is Armenian from that -ian patronymic. Just a bit of clarification: it's not V1982 that I see as nebulous, but V1331, with a 14" Dob (oh, the difference 2 inches can make. Stop giggling at the back!)

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