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Happy Birthday, BSM_NH2!

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Happy Birthday, BSM_NH2!

September 25, 2018 was the starting date for BSM_NH2.  This was an upgrade of BSM_NH (ne BSM_HQ), using the ZWO ASI-183mm-pro camera and a Tzec Maun-loaned Paramount ME mount, all in a newly designed enclosure by Gary Walker.  It was run for 113 nights during its first year, accumulating 71,852 scientific images of hundreds of targets.

The total number of images should decrease this next year, as we implement real-time stacking of short exposures of bright objects.

Hats off to the many volunteers working on BSM_NH2: Mike Nicholas with scheduling; Ken Menzies with software installation and image review; Gary Walker with enlosure support; Helmar Adler for operations supervision; George Silvis and Cliff Kotnick for HQ pipeline maintenance; vendors like Diffraction Limited and DC3 Dreams providing donated software and support; and the list goes on!

Big changes are seen for the BSM network over the next year, as we continue the migration to better equipment and more sites.  Think about submitting a proposal to use this bright-star network!


Thank you! I enjoy reading

Thank you! I enjoy reading about AAVSO history and accomplishments. Best regards.


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