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Hard to locate older topics (search?)

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Hard to locate older topics (search?)

Now that the new forums are getting busy with lots of topics spread over many categories, I am running into a worsening problem - finding older topics/posts! Once the latest/greatest four scroll off the home page, you are really out of luck. What compounds this problem is the topics can overlap somewhat, and posts could potentially be placed in several categories, its up to the original poster's preference. I am not a mind reader, so sometimes I miss the category and have to go looking around, and with slow internet sometimes, its becoming an issue to find things.

 I do not see any obvious search feature in the forums? I think a search box would solve the problem.

Mike LMK

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the input!  A search box located within the forum pages is an idea that we will certainly consider putting into place.

In the meanwhile there are a couple of options:

- If you go to the site's search page (either by clicking on "search" in the top left corner of any page or by just going directly to: you will see an advanced search link in blue right below the search box.  If you expand that, you will see lots of search options - including searching only in forum posts.)

- You can take a short cut and avoid having to go to this page by typing the following into the search box located at the top of all AAVSO webpages:
type:forum word
where "word" is the term you'd like to search for within the forums.

For example, if you enter
type:forum search
into the search box, this post is one of the first few items returned in the results.

I hope this helps for now as we determine what the best solution is for searching the forums!

Take care,

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Thanks for answering Mike's question, as I was just about to ask the same questrion myself.



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