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HD 163296: data, anybody?

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I am a graduate student in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For a project on Herbig star variability I am looking for as much data (photometry, fluxcalibrated spectroscopy, all wavelengths) as possible on the Herbig star HD 163296. No data are listed on the AAVSO archive, but I invite anybody who has a dataset available offline to contact me. If I can use the data for the paper I am of course willing to include the observers as co-author. 

Looking forward to your response,

Lucas Ellerbroek

l.e.ellerbroek [at]

goedemiddag Lucas! Have you
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goedemiddag Lucas!

Have you tried online datasets such as ASAS?

Michael Poxon (just across the sea from you, in East Anglia)

Spectra of HD 163296
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There are 13 spectra of this star in the BESS database.



BSM data
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We monitored HD 163296 from 2011-03-27 through 2012-11-05, a total of 512 BVRI observations, for a project with Mike Sitko.  This has not been entered into the AID, but might be available through the BSM epoch photometry database (members only access).


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Dear Pox, TCB168 and HQA,

Thanks very much for your suggestions! It took a while to discover your posts, so sorry for the delay in answering. These comments are very helpful indeed.

Michael, thank you so much for this suggestion. The ASAS dataset covers exactly the epoch I was hoping for.

The other datasets will probably be very useful as well, so thanks for letting me know. Michael Sitko is currently involved in the project so I will ask him about the recent photometry.


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