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help with choice of CCD

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help with choice of CCD

I am a total newbie when it comes to observing. I really want to start collecting photometric data for scientific analysis but do not know which CCD camera to buy. I have very limited funds and can't afford SBIGs or QHY priece range. I would have to save up to buy a $3-400 CCD.

What is the cheapest CCD I can buy to do useful work. I have an 800mm refractor with a serious goto mount

Also where can I find the specific filters used for photometry



aka Astrovouk

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Choice of CCD

To:  Alex,

You can buy a second hand SBIG or other brand on Astromart or other more local websites; I think you can pick up a used ST-7E for about $500.  You are kind of limited on filter sets now.  Custom Scientific, Astrodon, and Company 7 have extensive collections.  A Cousins V or B filter in the 1.25" size will run $70-$175 depending on the precission and what type they are;  glass(cheap) or dichromatics(expensive).  Here are a few websites:   (Used 2nd hand CCDs) (Dichromatic Filters)  (Dichromatic Filters) (Glass Filters)

A ST-7E, although having a small field, will give you great practice when you want to move-up to a more capable,  though expensive, CCD like this one: Just make sure whichever one you get is NABG type CCD if your interest is in high precission photometry.




I really appreciate your advice. Will look into it. Will have to save a bit of money after Chrsitmas but I can't wait to get started... cheers

happy new year


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Choice of CCD (re AstroMart)


Just wanted to say that this probably isn't the time or place to say this, but then where or when is a good time?

I have now completely dropped my support of AstroMart and would not recommend their services to anyone.  While I have very high respect for the many buyers and sellers on AstroMart, the people who administer and run the site and service have made recent policy decisions that I can not support.

I joined AstroMart many years ago and paid my "one time" membership fee.  That fee was supposed to be for  the lifetime of their service.  Recently, they have changed their policies and dropped membership of many of the old-timers because they now want annual subscriptions.  When I wrote to them and questioned their new policy, this is the response that I received:

"Now we have gone and pissed off a REALLY IMPORTANT GUY

Sorry about that Mr. Important

Live Long and Prosper
Herb York
www.AstroMart "

With an attitude like that, I don't suspect they will contine to attract new
customers for much longer. As I said, it's not the users of AstroMart that's
a problem, it's the management. I can no longer support their website nor
can I endorse their attitude towards their long time users and customers.
There are many other fine places to buy and sell used equipment on the web
and I will continue to use those sources. I highly recommend the same to

Phil Evans

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Excellent info from James.

Excellent info from James. I'll just add that you should seek out a used Meade monochome DSI or equivalent. These can be had for ~$200. When you are ready to  move up, also have a look at QSI. Really nice cameras.


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