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help with reduction and data analysus

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help with reduction and data analysus

Hi Guys,

Sorry to bother you but I seem to be struggling with the data analysis. I am trying to run a comparison study between IRAF and AIP4WIN for extracting Magnitudes. I seem to be struglling to use AIP4WIN and my other question is what is the easiest method of performing differential photometry for already extracted magnitudes from IRAF.

Mark Blackford
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Using AIP4Win


I've been using AIP4Win for a few years and may be able to help with that. I have no experience with IRAF so I won't make any comments there. But before I can start please provide a bit more detail. 

monochrome CCD or DSLR images?

Are they already calibrated (bias, dark and flat corrected) or do you want AIP4Win to do that step too?

Are you processing a timeseries of multiple images of the same field?

Anything else that may be relevant?



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