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Help Us Test the Chat Room!

Archived on December 8, 2010 - 11:13am.

2010-12-07 11:50 aavsoguest-1: change nickname to ya

2010-12-07 11:54 Aaron Price: Aaron Price change nickname to AaronPAH

2010-12-07 12:00 Aaron Price: Hello, World.

2010-12-07 12:02 HQA: HQA change nickname to ArneHQA

2010-12-07 12:02 HQA: is the nickname "sticky" so that the next time you come into chat, it uses the saved name?

2010-12-07 12:07 Aaron Price: I dont think there is a way to logout!

2010-12-07 12:07 Aaron Price: i will leave the page and come back and see if it retains my nick name

2010-12-07 12:08 Aaron Price: test

2010-12-07 12:09 Aaron Price: It saved it this time.. but the big question is how long it keeps me logged in. So I'll close the window for 10 minutes and work on my proposal, hoping that the session will timeout and die.. Then I'll come back and see what happens.

2010-12-07 12:09 Aaron Price: bi

2010-12-07 12:22 RebeccaTurner: test

2010-12-07 12:22 RebeccaTurner: test

2010-12-07 12:26 aavsoguest-2: change nickname to Riccardo Papini

2010-12-07 12:26 aavsoguest-2: just to see what's going on although a bit early for the chat schedule

2010-12-07 12:29 HQA: hi Ricardo!

2010-12-07 12:32 aavsoguest-2: Nice to read you again Mr. Henden. When the chat starts at 23.30 local hour, my hens will be in their bed (I live in the countryside) and I will follow them. However I will try to partecipate to your test that Rebecca so kindly requested.

2010-12-07 12:39 RebeccaTurner: test

2010-12-07 12:45 daisy: test

2010-12-07 12:45 daisy: test

2010-12-07 12:45 HQA: you must have dark skies if you live in the country, Riccardo

2010-12-07 12:47 aavsoguest-2: actually I have "wet" skies

2010-12-07 12:47 daisy: test

2010-12-07 12:49 HQA: :-)

2010-12-07 12:49 HQA: interesting. no smileys

2010-12-07 12:50 aavsoguest-2: for the record I live close to Florence which lights up my sky but CCDs do a great job anyway especially if you follow bright enough stars

2010-12-07 12:55 aavsoguest-2: last night I observed a new variable EW type of 14th mag with the V filter and the rms on the comparison was about 0.030 mag. Impossible result without a CCD. I believe that if I hadn't had a CCD, I would have given up with variable observing from my site

2010-12-07 12:56 daisy: test

2010-12-07 12:56 daisy: test

2010-12-07 12:56 HQA: yes; we are putting an observatory on AAVSO HQ (inside the light dome of Boston), but expect to be able to do decent photometry, just like you

2010-12-07 12:56 HQA: I was in Florence a few years ago; very nice place. Especially down by the river.

2010-12-07 12:58 aavsoguest-2: I can't speak of Florence being born there. I would be partial. Next time you come close here you must visit Siena

2010-12-07 12:59 HQA: I have heard that Siena is beautiful. We didn't have time to visit on that trip.

2010-12-07 13:01 aavsoguest-2: Do you remember Alessandro Marchini? He works in the Physics department of the University of Siena and manages their Observatory. He and I would be happy to escort you in Siena. Please take a note for your next journey!

2010-12-07 13:03 HQA: I remember Alessandro. I get back to Italy every couple of years, and so will certainly email you before the next trip!

2010-12-07 13:07 aavsoguest-2: Great idea! I take it for sure!

2010-12-07 13:12 aavsoguest-2: We will be waiting for Henden short period comet's return ;-))

2010-12-07 13:13 aavsoguest-2: See or read you agian later in the night Mr.Henden

2010-12-07 13:28 HQA: see you

2010-12-07 13:56 aavsoguest-4: change nickname to TimCTX

2010-12-07 13:58 aavsoguest-4: What I do not see here is a way to go to a "private" room if two members want to chat off this list... we can do that now with the "current" access

2010-12-07 13:59 aavsoguest-4: Not a deal breaker but it sometimes comes in handy

2010-12-07 14:00 aavsoguest-4: Hi Aaron

2010-12-07 14:03 RebeccaTurner: Tim, There is a way to create a private chat. Right now it seems to be set so that only certain AAVSO staff can do it, but I am looking into how to change the permissions to give everyone that ability.

2010-12-07 14:03 aavsoguest-4: Thanks Rebecca

2010-12-07 14:06 Aaron Price: It saved my "nick name" after I left for about an hour and returned..

2010-12-07 14:06 Aaron Price: That's nice..

2010-12-07 14:06 aavsoguest-4: cookies?

2010-12-07 14:13 aavsoguest-4: Interesting how that works

2010-12-07 14:14 aavsoguest-4: By my name, in blue, every once in a while I see a "view In popout" message - ??

2010-12-07 14:15 aavsoguest-4: ah ha, it happens right as I hit the enter key with text

2010-12-07 14:15 aavsoguest-4: Name at the top of the screen, that is

2010-12-07 14:16 aavsoguest-4: What is the function of the "Chat" box/button at the bottom of the page?

2010-12-07 14:16 RebeccaTurner: it doesn't stay there?

2010-12-07 14:16 aavsoguest-4: NO

2010-12-07 14:17 RebeccaTurner: the chat button is the same as hitting enter after you type a message

2010-12-07 14:17 aavsoguest-4: K

2010-12-07 14:18 HQA: that seems strange - perhaps remove the "chat" button

2010-12-07 14:18 RebeccaTurner: I mentioned that on the page you land on before entering this chat - I'm still trying to figure out if I can easily add text to this page

2010-12-07 14:20 HQA: Is the chat automatically logged? (BTW - typing echo is quite slow right now)

2010-12-07 14:20 RebeccaTurner: yeah if Drupal will allow me to remove it!

2010-12-07 14:20 RebeccaTurner: it was slow for me a minute ago but is back to being pretty quick

2010-12-07 14:21 aavsoguest-4: Rebecca, RE entry page... do you really have the impression that folks will actually read the instructions? ;-)

2010-12-07 14:21 RebeccaTurner: the chat is available until one of the administrators either archives it or deletes it

2010-12-07 14:22 RebeccaTurner: i never count on anyone reading anything! :)

2010-12-07 14:22 aavsoguest-5: change nickname to groz

2010-12-07 14:22 aavsoguest-5: ok, saw the email, popped in to look

2010-12-07 14:23 aavsoguest-5: is it still possible to use a 'plain old irc client' ? or has irc been abandoned for the chat ?

2010-12-07 14:25 aavsoguest-4: I notice that the entry page suggests multiple chats... how might they come about?

2010-12-07 14:25 aavsoguest-4: OH, they can only be started by HQ then, I presume

2010-12-07 14:26 RebeccaTurner: at this point yes

2010-12-07 14:28 Aaron Price: We could not find a web based chat software that supported IRC clients other than the one we currently have...

2010-12-07 14:28 aavsoguest-5: I'm just curious, since most of the stuff happens on eastern time, we tend to miss it anyways out here, I dont pop in very often

2010-12-07 14:29 aavsoguest-4: groz... where is out here?

2010-12-07 14:29 aavsoguest-5: duncan bc

2010-12-07 14:29 aavsoguest-5: on the windy/wet west coast

2010-12-07 14:29 aavsoguest-4: we are probably in the same time zone then and I don't feel that way

2010-12-07 14:30 aavsoguest-4: Check out chat in the evening as sometimes some of us will gather there if observing

2010-12-07 14:30 aavsoguest-4: Which could be a problem if two different chat rooms are available

2010-12-07 14:31 aavsoguest-5: chris and i have been pretty much 'away' from the astronomy hobby for most of the last 9 months for various reasons

2010-12-07 14:31 aavsoguest-4: groz, do you belong to the Victoria Center of RASC?

2010-12-07 14:31 aavsoguest-5: but, family ilnesses are now done, jobs changed, and all the stuff that was eating all of our spare time, seems to be over now, and we can get back into it

2010-12-07 14:31 aavsoguest-5: yes, i am a member of the victoria center

2010-12-07 14:31 aavsoguest-5: and the cowichan valley starfinders

2010-12-07 14:31 aavsoguest-4: So am I

2010-12-07 14:31 aavsoguest-4: and welcome back

2010-12-07 14:32 aavsoguest-5: we haven't got down to vic center meetings over the last couple years

2010-12-07 14:32 aavsoguest-5: because they always conflicted with board meetings for chris job

2010-12-07 14:32 aavsoguest-4: To far for me to drive

2010-12-07 14:32 aavsoguest-5: but now that she's changed jobs

2010-12-07 14:32 aavsoguest-5: we'll probably start going to them

2010-12-07 14:32 aavsoguest-5: if memory serves correctly, aren't you down on the washington coast somewhere ?

2010-12-07 14:33 aavsoguest-4: Oregon

2010-12-07 14:33 aavsoguest-4: NW Corner

2010-12-07 14:33 aavsoguest-5: washington, oregon, all the same, that unexpored southern area south of the 49th

2010-12-07 14:33 aavsoguest-4: Where, by the way, clear skies have been few and far between this year... gurrrrrrrr

2010-12-07 14:33 aavsoguest-4: 54/40 or fight, eh

2010-12-07 14:33 aavsoguest-4: lol

2010-12-07 14:33 aavsoguest-5: we got lucky on saturday, rasc had the plaskette for an evening on the schedule

2010-12-07 14:34 aavsoguest-5: and, it was actually clear till almost 11pm

2010-12-07 14:34 aavsoguest-5: so we were up trying to get some images with the 72 inch on saturday evening

2010-12-07 14:34 aavsoguest-4: Operating the Spectrograh?

2010-12-07 14:34 aavsoguest-5: no, the e2v

2010-12-07 14:34 Aaron Price: :)

2010-12-07 14:35 aavsoguest-5: but i am hoping to get a crack at doing some spectro with it sometime in the next few months

2010-12-07 14:36 aavsoguest-4: I have spent two weeks there minding the store for the HMXB project

2010-12-07 14:36 aavsoguest-5: i met gord out at cypress hills last summer

2010-12-07 14:36 aavsoguest-5: interesting character

2010-12-07 14:36 aavsoguest-4: small world

2010-12-07 14:37 aavsoguest-5: we have _tried_ to get time series on his stars from here when he's got the plaskette doing spectro

2010-12-07 14:37 aavsoguest-5: but, we haven't been able to pull it off, first few attempts we weathered out

2010-12-07 14:37 aavsoguest-4: Weather gods seldom cooperate

2010-12-07 14:37 aavsoguest-4: off to do chores... cul

2010-12-07 14:37 aavsoguest-5: then the last few, we've been tied up with parental illness, and, didn't have the time/energy to get telescopes going

2010-12-07 14:37 aavsoguest-4: TimCTX change nickname to TimCTX_Away

2010-12-07 14:43 RebeccaTurner: off to lunch

2010-12-07 14:44 RebeccaTurner: RebeccaTurner change nickname to Rebecca_Away

2010-12-07 15:11 aavsoguest-5: arne, are you busy, or, have you got time for a couple of 'maybe not so dumb' dumb questions ?

2010-12-07 15:11 HQA: clear at CTIO again:

2010-12-07 15:20 aavsoguest-6: change nickname to ArtoOAR

2010-12-07 15:21 aavsoguest-6: Hello from Finland!

2010-12-07 15:21 aavsoguest-5: good morning (afternoon?)

2010-12-07 15:21 aavsoguest-6: Just trying out the new chat.

2010-12-07 15:22 aavsoguest-6: late evening. :)

2010-12-07 15:22 aavsoguest-6: 9pm local time

2010-12-07 15:22 aavsoguest-5: so, at this time of your, that probably means,4 hours into 'observing time', ie, after dark

2010-12-07 15:23 aavsoguest-6: yes, but this time of year we have cloudy weather

2010-12-07 15:23 aavsoguest-5: haha, me too, pretty much non stop out here on the west coast of canada

2010-12-07 15:25 aavsoguest-6: that is very cloudy place on Earth too

2010-12-07 15:25 aavsoguest-6: we have about 50 nights to observe per year

2010-12-07 15:26 aavsoguest-5: We tend to do a little better than that here

2010-12-07 15:27 aavsoguest-5: but, most of the summer when it's brilliantly clear, it doesn't get dark :(

2010-12-07 15:27 aavsoguest-6: we have several moths in summer when there is no night at all

2010-12-07 15:27 HQA: hi Arto. Clear at CTIO - you sure you don't want to move?

2010-12-07 15:28 aavsoguest-5: we get a few weeks mid summer where that happens

2010-12-07 15:28 aavsoguest-6: of course our summers are on average more clear than our winters

2010-12-07 15:28 aavsoguest-5: hehe arne, chris and I have been scoping out areas near CTIO for 'retirement home'

2010-12-07 15:29 aavsoguest-6: hi Arne! Well, I like Finland except the cloudiness.

2010-12-07 15:34 aavsoguest-7: ..

2010-12-07 15:37 aavsoguest-6: This chat does work OK. Better than the old one.

2010-12-07 15:37 aavsoguest-6: I must sign off now. Good night everyone!

2010-12-07 15:38 HQA: cu

2010-12-07 15:57 RebeccaTurner: Rebecca_Away change nickname to RebeccaTurner

2010-12-07 16:39 HQA: hi PKV

2010-12-07 16:39 HQA: what's new, Kevin?

2010-12-07 17:05 PKV: Nothing much... Was in Cloudcroft, NM for 5 days... I visited Tom Kracji and Tom Smith... Great setups at both sites... Got home late Sunday...

2010-12-07 17:06 PKV: I will check back in later...

2010-12-07 17:08 HQA: ok - cu

2010-12-07 17:09 HQA: very different setups

2010-12-07 17:29 aavsoguest-9: change nickname to BKL

2010-12-07 17:30 aavsoguest-9: Hey everyone. Just got the email to drop in. Teaching at 5:30 tonight, so not available then... so now is better than not at all.

2010-12-07 17:30 HQA: hi John

2010-12-07 17:30 aavsoguest-9: Hi Arne. Looks like a nice interface here.

2010-12-07 17:31 HQA: it has some differences from the previous irc chat

2010-12-07 17:32 aavsoguest-9: Is it still IRC accessible, via chat clients, or is it now strictly off this website?

2010-12-07 17:40 HQA: I don't know - I'll ask

2010-12-07 17:41 aavsoguest-9: works for me. Hey - best of luck with the test. I have to go prep the physics lab.... uniform circular motion. Gotta love it. CUL.

2010-12-07 17:42 Aaron Price: This is not an IRC capatable chat room, sadly. The only one I am aware of is the one we currently run on our web site.

2010-12-07 17:47 aavsoguest-5: Arne, if you have a few minutes, I'd like to pick your knowledgeable brain on some equipment questions

2010-12-07 17:47 aavsoguest-5: chris and I have dabbled with time series work here over the last couple years, and, are contemplating a significant upgrade to one of our telescopes

2010-12-07 17:48 aavsoguest-5: so forgetting about mounting etc, and just from the optical issues side of the equation

2010-12-07 17:48 aavsoguest-5: would a 16 inch f/4 newtonian have some 'not obvious' gotchas for doing precision time series work ?

2010-12-07 17:49 aavsoguest-5: actually, it would be f/4.4, 16 inch scope, 1800mm focal length

2010-12-07 17:49 aavsoguest-5: our 'stated goals' are to do millimag photometry on mag 15.5 or thereabouts

2010-12-07 17:49 Aaron Price: testing ignor eme

2010-12-07 17:49 Aaron Price: testing again

2010-12-07 17:50 HQA: I'm back

2010-12-07 17:51 HQA: newtonians are difficult to baffle properly, so that will be your challenge

2010-12-07 17:52 HQA: the f/4.4 ratio will be ok for most filters and cameras; if it was faster (f/3 or so) then additional problems arise

2010-12-07 17:53 HQA: The other common problem with Newtonians is small back focal distance, so fitting your camera + filterwheel + corrector requires thought

2010-12-07 17:53 aavsoguest-5: I'm pretty handy with process control software, it's how I make my living, so, what we are considering, and I've already written simulations for test case to prove a few things about the setup

2010-12-07 17:54 aavsoguest-5: is to go with a 16 inch on alt/az mount, with a rotator

2010-12-07 17:54 aavsoguest-5: our current guide software uses a multi star guide solution already, so, I have the information available to 'guide' a rotator as well as the alt/az motor set

2010-12-07 17:54 BIW: xxx

2010-12-07 17:54 BIW: BIW change nickname to NeilBIW

2010-12-07 17:55 BIW: G'Day everyone

2010-12-07 17:55 aavsoguest-5: back focus can be solved me thinks by simply taking a hacksaw to it, and move the secondary a little closer to the primary

2010-12-07 17:56 HQA: millimag work requires extra care - you need to ensure the optical axis is exactly centered on the CCD for the rotator to work properly. You also should consider the effect of the spider vanes on flatfielding

2010-12-07 17:56 aavsoguest-5: up to now, we've been using sct, and, I've had decent results doing exoplanet measurements using an 8 inch sct

2010-12-07 17:56 HQA: secondary closer to primary -> bigger secondary -> less effective aperture

2010-12-07 17:57 aavsoguest-5: what we want to do, is start building a 'more serious' system, and, i'm debating wether or not the newt is a viable choice

2010-12-07 17:57 HQA: not impossible, and Newt optics are sure cheap per square inch

2010-12-07 17:57 aavsoguest-5: it certainly does bring the costs down a lot compared to more traditional methods

2010-12-07 17:58 HQA: strongly consider a carbon fiber tube, tho, at that short focal ratio

2010-12-07 17:58 aavsoguest-5: would you suggest a tube over trusses ?

2010-12-07 17:58 HQA: hi Neil. Clear at CTIO. :)

2010-12-07 17:59 BIW: Yep, so I see :-)

2010-12-07 18:00 HQA: for a Newt, I'd consider a tube. Scattered light

2010-12-07 18:00 HQA: Neil, the clamshell will open late tonight. I have to take flats

2010-12-07 18:01 BIW: Do you use dome flats?

2010-12-07 18:01 HQA: groz:

2010-12-07 18:02 HQA: APASS is in the rightmost clamshell

2010-12-07 18:02 HQA: Neil, yes - a mounted screen in the park position, plus lights around the dew shield

2010-12-07 18:02 BIW: ok

2010-12-07 18:03 HQA: field of view is too wide for twilight flats without a diffuser, and we can't do diffusing remotely

2010-12-07 18:04 BIW: Ah, right

2010-12-07 18:06 aavsoguest-5: Are the dew shield lights aimed in the general direction of the screen ?

2010-12-07 18:06 HQA: yup

2010-12-07 18:06 aavsoguest-5: ok, interesting food for thought

2010-12-07 18:07 HQA: 3 banks of 8 lights on each OTA; computer switchable

2010-12-07 18:07 aavsoguest-5: every detail on our list of things we are putting together toward the next major upgrade, is considering that eventually the plan is to have it fully remote

2010-12-07 18:08 aavsoguest-5: we already have one of these for each telescope

2010-12-07 18:08 aavsoguest-5: very cost effective remote power switch

2010-12-07 18:08 aavsoguest-5: 8 individually switched plugs, for a hundred bucks

2010-12-07 18:10 HQA: how interesting - clicking on a link doesn't create new tab.

2010-12-07 18:10 HQA: yes, we use one of those for APASS

2010-12-07 18:10 Aaron Price: that should be an easy fix... rebecca, can you put it on the list?

2010-12-07 18:11 HQA: however, we also have a USB I/O device for switching things like lights, reading temperatures, etc.

2010-12-07 18:13 HQA: it is interesting to work with a telescope 6,000 miles away

2010-12-07 18:14 aavsoguest-5: i'm curious, how many issues do you folks have that require 'power cycle computers' over time ?

2010-12-07 18:15 aavsoguest-5: I've had a lot of issues here with one camera that doesn't react well to usb bus errors, and, ultimately forces a full power cycle to 'fix' the bad state the drivers get into

2010-12-07 18:15 HQA: we've done it a couple of times.

2010-12-07 18:15 aavsoguest-5: which is why I've worked that camera out of my system, and replaced it with another one

2010-12-07 18:16 HQA: we power cycle components quite often. For example, the Paramount in Chile requires daily powercycle

2010-12-07 18:16 HQA: It has a hardware problem, but cycling power resets it - will work until we go down again

2010-12-07 18:16 aavsoguest-5: really ? hmmmmm

2010-12-07 18:17 aavsoguest-5: oh, ok, that's a 'one off' issue, not a 'paramount in general' thing then

2010-12-07 18:18 HQA: oh, no. Not a Paramount problem. You just run into these things, and the more control you have remotely, the better.

2010-12-07 18:18 aavsoguest-5: the 'more control' part I do understand, embedded process control is my line of work, and, remote sites are the norm

2010-12-07 18:19 aavsoguest-5: I deal with a few installations that are only helicopter accessible in the summer, and 100% incaccessible most of the winter

2010-12-07 18:20 HQA: ok - your level of redundancy and control prolly surpasses most amateur robotic installations

2010-12-07 18:20 aavsoguest-5: for that it does, but, i'm working on a system here that will be at that level

2010-12-07 18:20 aavsoguest-5: for our own telescopes

2010-12-07 18:20 aavsoguest-5: drastic overkill for the 'backyard' system we have now, but

2010-12-07 18:20 aavsoguest-5: eventually we will remote it

2010-12-07 18:21 HQA: remote is in the eyes of the beholder. Backyard is a good testing place

2010-12-07 18:21 HQA: we worked on APASS in Tom Smith's backyard for a year before moving it to Chile

2010-12-07 18:21 aavsoguest-5: we have spent some time over the last year, trying to determine where 'retirement' is going to happen

2010-12-07 18:22 aavsoguest-5: and are considering buying a plot of land to that end

2010-12-07 18:22 aavsoguest-5: then put a small roll-off there initially, to be operated fully remote

2010-12-07 18:22 HQA: yep. We will have 3 plots of land pretty soon. :)

2010-12-07 18:22 aavsoguest-5: until such time as retirement happens, and we actually move there

2010-12-07 18:23 HQA: what are your choices so far?

2010-12-07 18:23 aavsoguest-5: well, as canadians, one important thing for us is access to the canadian health care system when we are older, so, southern saskatchewan / alberta in some of the remote areas are high on the list

2010-12-07 18:24 aavsoguest-5: but, our next 'major vacation' is going to be 'rent a motorhome and tour chile by motorhome / camper' for a month or two

2010-12-07 18:24 aavsoguest-5: we may change our mind after that

2010-12-07 18:24 aavsoguest-5: and pick chile

2010-12-07 18:25 HQA: Osoyoos perhaps

2010-12-07 18:25 aavsoguest-5: We go to the mt kobau star party every summer, just outside of theree

2010-12-07 18:25 aavsoguest-5: not a very good location for serious astronomy anymore

2010-12-07 18:25 aavsoguest-5: lots of light domes popping up

2010-12-07 18:25 HQA: hard to avoid

2010-12-07 18:25 aavsoguest-5: and, very trendy (read expensive)

2010-12-07 18:26 aavsoguest-5: and, one thing I've done, is a bit of an analysis on 'clear'

2010-12-07 18:26 aavsoguest-5: got really cute, found a website that has historical archives of airport weather reports

2010-12-07 18:26 HQA: wise

2010-12-07 18:26 aavsoguest-5: hourly reports

2010-12-07 18:27 aavsoguest-5: and i've done some harvesting of the hourly reports in various areas

2010-12-07 18:27 aavsoguest-5: but, the neat thing about hourly reports, I'm excluding daytime, only looking at night

2010-12-07 18:27 aavsoguest-5: that has us looking at southern praries as actually better than just about anywhere in bc

2010-12-07 18:27 HQA: good. Boston, for example, is always clear in the morning. Can't count on the evening!

2010-12-07 18:28 HQA: you've talked with Gary Billings?

2010-12-07 18:28 aavsoguest-5: go south between medicine hat an lethbridge into what some call the 'badlands'

2010-12-07 18:28 aavsoguest-5: there's some pretty interesting areas, and, it's black on the lp maps

2010-12-07 18:29 aavsoguest-5: and since it's all farm fields and coulies, it's not likely to build up anytime soon

2010-12-07 18:29 aavsoguest-5: no, i haven' talked with gary

2010-12-07 18:29 HQA: true. I worry about other things, like wind and dust

2010-12-07 18:30 BIW: I have been away having breakfast, and I am trying to backtrack to see what went on while I was away.....

2010-12-07 18:30 BIW: But every time somone sends text, it goes back to the present... Very annoying

2010-12-07 18:31 aavsoguest-5: wind, we know about that here, got a little blow scheduled in tonite, they say 70knots probably

2010-12-07 18:33 HQA: getting closer to sunset; CTIO domes are opening up. About an hour before I start taking flats

2010-12-07 18:35 aavsoguest-13: change nickname to rickHUZ

2010-12-07 18:37 aavsoguest-4: TimCTX_Away change nickname to TimCTX

2010-12-07 18:37 aavsoguest-4: Hey Rick.... been awhile

2010-12-07 18:38 BIW: APASS site still very much in sunlight.

2010-12-07 18:38 Aaron Price: good ol eagle eye huziak

2010-12-07 18:41 aavsoguest-13: How's the chat going? I haven't been in the chat room forever! Sorry - phone just rang.... I'll be talking in a minute.

2010-12-07 18:44 aavsoguest-13: Hey Aaron! Hi Tim. Hi Arne. Hi Neil. Hi groz (whoever groz is :-) )

2010-12-07 18:44 aavsoguest-13: r

2010-12-07 18:45 Aaron Price: good he acknowledged me, i feel validated now

2010-12-07 18:45 aavsoguest-5: haah rick, we met, at cypress hills

2010-12-07 18:45 aavsoguest-5: I'm the one that complained bitterly about streetlights in the so called 'dark sky preserve'

2010-12-07 18:45 aavsoguest-13: I meet between 285 and 412 people at Cypress Hills each year. :-)

2010-12-07 18:45 aavsoguest-12: change nickname to JimJJI

2010-12-07 18:45 BIW: Hi Rivk

2010-12-07 18:46 aavsoguest-5: i'm the one that was shooting an exoplanet transit 2 summers back

2010-12-07 18:46 aavsoguest-13: Ahhh.. DSP streetlight stuff! I guess you're on our committee to make it better then!

2010-12-07 18:46 aavsoguest-5: on the one night it wasn't raining

2010-12-07 18:46 aavsoguest-13: Ohhh -- bring up the rain sore spot, huh? :_)

2010-12-07 18:46 aavsoguest-5: haha :)

2010-12-07 18:47 aavsoguest-5: we dont ever complain about weather when we go to events, it's out of organizers control

2010-12-07 18:47 aavsoguest-13: The good thing was you were there when it was only kind of wet! This year was torrential - put 2009 to shame!

2010-12-07 18:47 aavsoguest-5: but I will say, with that rain/wind/cold we had that summer, the showers were sure a nice thing

2010-12-07 18:47 aavsoguest-5: we missed all the events this summer, were tied up with paliative care mom

2010-12-07 18:48 aavsoguest-13: Oh - sorry to hear that!

2010-12-07 18:48 aavsoguest-5: got out to the event in adin in northern california at the end of june

2010-12-07 18:48 aavsoguest-5: and essentially put telescope gear to bed after that one, just recently hauled it out again

2010-12-07 18:48 aavsoguest-4: REBECCA & AARON: Chat Display Box is to short... wish it were longer so I could read further back without scrolling back with the mouse...

2010-12-07 18:48 Aaron Price: i think that should be fairly easy to fix

2010-12-07 18:48 RebeccaTurner: noted

2010-12-07 18:49 aavsoguest-4: Thanks, both of you

2010-12-07 18:49 aavsoguest-5: I did notice earlier, typing in the 'text' box got real slow, I cured by closing the browser and opening a fresh one

2010-12-07 18:49 aavsoguest-13: BTW - we are about to do a big campaign to shame SaskPower (Saskatchewan Power Corporation for those who don't live here) into complying with our dark-sky rules. We now have 2 of the 3 largest DSPs in Sask/Alberta. Tourism promotes the heck out of them - so we have lots of good ammunition to get SaskPower to fix the lights in the Park.

2010-12-07 18:50 aavsoguest-5: rick, I did fire off letters after that trip

2010-12-07 18:50 aavsoguest-5: to both sask tourism and parks

2010-12-07 18:50 aavsoguest-5: complaining bitterly that there was no dark in the dsp

2010-12-07 18:50 aavsoguest-13: I appreciate that! Letters and publicity goes a long way.

2010-12-07 18:50 aavsoguest-5: and they should either fix the lights, or, take dsp out of the marketing material

2010-12-07 18:51 aavsoguest-5: because, we felt that the advertising for cypress hills as a dsp

2010-12-07 18:51 aavsoguest-5: is bordering on fraud

2010-12-07 18:51 aavsoguest-5: they responded, that the dsp is a different part of the park

2010-12-07 18:51 aavsoguest-13: I do keep saying, groz, that you were in the 5 somewhat lit acres of the 98,000 acres of otherwise pitch black DSP!

2010-12-07 18:51 aavsoguest-5: and, it's the part where we are not allowed to set up and camp overnight

2010-12-07 18:52 aavsoguest-12: It would be easier to comment on the new chat if I knew what you were trying to accomplish with the change.

2010-12-07 18:52 aavsoguest-13: We're working on all these issues. BTW, the entire park is a DSP - there are no designated 'opt-out' areas. We jsut have to fix up some parts better.

2010-12-07 18:53 aavsoguest-5: anyways, sssp is a rather 'long drive' for us, not gonna be an 'every summer' thing

2010-12-07 18:53 aavsoguest-5: probably only happen for us, on years when it doesnt conflict with one of the larger events somewhat closer

2010-12-07 18:54 aavsoguest-15: Can I but in with s question? I'd be grateful if someone would look here

2010-12-07 18:54 aavsoguest-13: Photometry is taking a back seat to Light Pollution work right now. Bummer. I am also stumped in that I have Vance Petriew's scope and CCD camera in my dining room right now, but I can't find planetarium control software that runs on my 64-bit laptop. Any suggestions?

2010-12-07 18:54 CMJA: CMJA change nickname to MikeCookCMJA

2010-12-07 18:54 Aaron Price: no one issue.. we are just comparing this room with the old one. We had lots of complaints about the old one (slowness being #1, not working on many browsers #2, firewall issues #3, etc.) so we set about trying to find a better one. Sadly, there is no uniformly accepted top quality chat software. All have their strengtsh and weaknesses.

2010-12-07 18:55 Aaron Price: We don't have to necessarily change to this one, either. We're just taking a car out for a test drive. The software is free (as is the old one) so we can switch back...

2010-12-07 18:55 aavsoguest-5: that's easy rick, we use skychart v 3.2 here, formerly called Cdc

2010-12-07 18:55 HQA: guest-15, what is your question?

2010-12-07 18:56 aavsoguest-5: Aaron, if you are tracking such things, i'm logged in using firefox on an Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit system

2010-12-07 18:56 aavsoguest-14: Did anyone take note of Neil's first comment about the messages changing to the present one all the time?

2010-12-07 18:56 CMJA: Heh Rick, seems like some planetarium programs like to run to XP compatibility mode - available in Windows 7 pro

2010-12-07 18:57 aavsoguest-5: it's working as well as a browser based setup ever does

2010-12-07 18:57 Aaron Price: groz - do you have an observer code?

2010-12-07 18:57 aavsoguest-15: here's the here:, and tell me if anyone is looking into finding good ways to reduce DSLR blue and green planes data to V data?

2010-12-07 18:58 aavsoguest-5: I do aaron, will have to dig in old email to find it back, i haven't been active submitting to aavso

2010-12-07 18:58 aavsoguest-13: Sorry - I'll be back in a flash... work people want me to do something... how rude!

2010-12-07 18:58 aavsoguest-5: most of my submissions end up in the ETD

2010-12-07 18:58 Aaron Price: have we met? I'm trying to figure out who you are. :)

2010-12-07 18:58 aavsoguest-5: I doubht it, the name is gerry, in duncan bc

2010-12-07 18:58 RebeccaTurner: I didn't see Neil's comment but when I went back to look for it the same thing happened to me, so it has been noted!

2010-12-07 18:58 aavsoguest-16: Have to get used to this new chatroom

2010-12-07 18:58 Aaron Price: well nice to "virtually" meet then :)

2010-12-07 18:59 aavsoguest-12: I find it pretty clunky and difficult to use. I don't know if that is because I normally use chatzilla instead of logging thru my browser or not. The list of people logged in takes up most of the real estate and the as it gets longer, the space devoted to chat gets shorter.

2010-12-07 18:59 aavsoguest-16: change nickname to EricBOS

2010-12-07 18:59 aavsoguest-12: and the "/" commands are disabled

2010-12-07 19:00 Aaron Price: I think IRC clients will always be the best because they are designed for this type of stuff. But sadly most people won't install an IRC client.

2010-12-07 19:00 aavsoguest-14: Thank s, Rebecca.

2010-12-07 19:00 HQA: guest-15, I've wanted to do the BGR study, but haven't had time.

2010-12-07 19:01 HQA: The only one I've seen is a caveat from Richard Berry

2010-12-07 19:01 aavsoguest-13: Shoot! I like the speed of this chat - much better and less waiting than the old. One thing - I had to go off and do something, and now I am trying to read the backlog. Everytime someone posts something new, the window pops down to teh new message and i have then to scroll back to what I was reading, and another message pops be back down to the bottom again, and I have to scroll up again .... ad infinitum! :-(

2010-12-07 19:01 aavsoguest-16: liked the full screen chat window in the old room, thought I noticed a similar feature before I logged in here

2010-12-07 19:02 aavsoguest-15: change nickname to Herb

2010-12-07 19:02 aavsoguest-15: Thanks, Arne

2010-12-07 19:02 RebeccaTurner: RICK - yeah i just experienced that too. It is on the pain-in-the-neck list.

2010-12-07 19:03 Aaron Price: I have to run.. Rebecca is keeping track of all the comments. Keep them coming!

2010-12-07 19:03 Aaron Price: Bye!

2010-12-07 19:03 aavsoguest-13: Ajhhh.. bye Aaron!

2010-12-07 19:03 HQA: Richard said once that the camera vendors place their emphasis on the green channel, and often adjust blue and red to get good colors, not to get good photometry.

2010-12-07 19:03 aavsoguest-13: Hey Eric! How are you - long time no chat!

2010-12-07 19:04 HQA: paraphrased. I haven't tested our DSLR to see if that is true with it as well

2010-12-07 19:05 aavsoguest-14: Entering the message text seems a bit unpredictable - it's taken 20 seconds for the first part of the text to appear in the box.

2010-12-07 19:05 aavsoguest-13: And speaking of which - the DVD Mystery in the Night Sky was well done! I really liked it. Glad to have had the opportunity to donate to the excellent project. I'll have to show it at a club meeting, and see if I can get some converts to science observing!

2010-12-07 19:05 aavsoguest-15: I'll try to find what Richard Berry had to say.

2010-12-07 19:05 aavsoguest-5: Arne, there is another way to find out

2010-12-07 19:06 aavsoguest-17: xxx#

2010-12-07 19:06 aavsoguest-16: I am fine Rick, have been here the last 2 weeks regurarly

2010-12-07 19:06 aavsoguest-16: How are you doing in Canada?

2010-12-07 19:06 aavsoguest-5: back in the bad old days (90's) I worked in a vancouver design office of one of the big silicon vendors. I've still got friends there. Simple enough to just ask them exactly _what_ goes into the bayer stuff on the chips

2010-12-07 19:06 aavsoguest-13: I haven't been! Been busy with light pollution and the onset of winter!

2010-12-07 19:06 CMJA: Would a user using chatzilla or another IRC client see the same chat as someone using this browser-based chat?

2010-12-07 19:07 aavsoguest-17: change nickname to RWG

2010-12-07 19:07 RebeccaTurner: Guest-14: Things are pretty fast for most people. Have you been logged into the chat room for very long? After 5 hours being logged in things got slow for me. I just restarted the browser and everything was fast again.

2010-12-07 19:08 aavsoguest-16: We are having here a real start of the winter, with snow

2010-12-07 19:08 aavsoguest-12: 13 more users and I figure I won't have a chat window

2010-12-07 19:09 BIW: No Mike, I am also on the old irc chat

2010-12-07 19:09 HQA: I found the message from Richard. It only refers to the jpeg version, not the RAW version. So perhaps everything is ok

2010-12-07 19:10 RebeccaTurner: Mike - this is an "either or" situation. they won't talk to each other

2010-12-07 19:10 aavsoguest-14: It's probably local - things are a bit primitive here Internet wise.

2010-12-07 19:10 aavsoguest-16: Looking for the button "change time zone" :)

2010-12-07 19:10 HQA: :)

2010-12-07 19:11 HQA: Boston-centric

2010-12-07 19:11 CMJA: k thx Neil and Rebecca

2010-12-07 19:11 RebeccaTurner: Jim - definitely a problem that will have to be addressed if we go with this format!!

2010-12-07 19:12 aavsoguest-14: So the message is there - it's just that I can't read it before I s

2010-12-07 19:12 aavsoguest-13: I don't really mind the small chat window. I'm glad that other than the back-message scroll annoyance, the window stays put.

2010-12-07 19:12 RWG: RebeccaTurner, did you let already make any stress test for the char software ?

2010-12-07 19:13 HQA: PROMPT6 is now in shade, and the amateurs have opened up. They must be on a different time zone. :)

2010-12-07 19:13 aavsoguest-13: What's "view in popout"?

2010-12-07 19:14 aavsoguest-16: Where did you see that Rick. Thought I glimsed it before i got on this page but don't find it anymore

2010-12-07 19:14 RebeccaTurner: rick -It gives me a window with no scroll bar on the right so i can't get down to the actual chat

2010-12-07 19:14 aavsoguest-13: Top of the page that lists all participants.

2010-12-07 19:14 RebeccaTurner: it is next to your username in the list at the top

2010-12-07 19:15 aavsoguest-16: Don't see it, maybe I have to be logged in on the website

2010-12-07 19:15 aavsoguest-13: Popouts just gives me a requested page not found message.

2010-12-07 19:16 aavsoguest-11: thats what I get also, page not found

2010-12-07 19:16 RebeccaTurner: RWG - Aaron tested a number of months ago. I am not sure how many users participated in that chat.

2010-12-07 19:18 RebeccaTurner: That's weird - the popout goes to a valid page for me - I've added it to the list

2010-12-07 19:18 aavsoguest-15: Herb HHF signing off - thank you!

2010-12-07 19:19 aavsoguest-19: change nickname to Aaron on a bus

2010-12-07 19:19 aavsoguest-19: Well it works on an iPhone

2010-12-07 19:19 HQA: bye herb

2010-12-07 19:19 aavsoguest-12: Can you still connect to this with an IRC like chatzilla

2010-12-07 19:20 aavsoguest-12: Better than A bus on Aaron

2010-12-07 19:20 aavsoguest-19: Hehe

2010-12-07 19:20 aavsoguest-19: Gotta run now, connection to make...

2010-12-07 19:21 RebeccaTurner: Jim, this and IRC are totally separate - they can't talk to each other

2010-12-07 19:21 aavsoguest-12: OK maybe I mispoke. Could I connect to this chat with Chatzilla?

2010-12-07 19:22 aavsoguest-12: misspoke

2010-12-07 19:22 RWG: Rebecca, I didn't mean a "large number of user" test, but something like an "fast input" test, e.g. letting everybody enter msgs as fast as possible by typing anything sensless on the keyboard for 1 min.

2010-12-07 19:23 aavsoguest-13: Good luck with the chat test Rebecca! Gotta run! CU all at the next meeting, and here and there before!

2010-12-07 19:23 BIW: Arne: In the photo of the APASS site, there is a cliff in the background... Does that extend high enough to block out any sky?

2010-12-07 19:23 HQA: no

2010-12-07 19:23 BIW: Or much sky?

2010-12-07 19:24 BIW: ok

2010-12-07 19:24 HQA: the camera angle is deceiving

2010-12-07 19:24 BIW: right

2010-12-07 19:25 HQA: We're higher than everything except the plateau to the southwest where the 4m lives

2010-12-07 19:25 RebeccaTurner: Jim, No. I'm 99% sure that you can't connect to this chat any way other than this web interface. I will make a note to confirm this though.

2010-12-07 19:25 aavsoguest-12: Do the amateurs operate remotely too?

2010-12-07 19:26 aavsoguest-12: Big time bummer Rebecca

2010-12-07 19:26 HQA: yup; all 6 clamshells are remote

2010-12-07 19:26 aavsoguest-12: I imagine the site managers prefer that.

2010-12-07 19:27 aavsoguest-12: They open up early to show off that RCOS

2010-12-07 19:27 HQA: in the first month, we've had the technician rotate a webcam and tape over two LEDs

2010-12-07 19:28 aavsoguest-12: Does that mean the night light is gone :)

2010-12-07 19:29 HQA: we'll find out. :)

2010-12-07 19:29 aavsoguest-12: Shoot, I'll miss it. Waht we gonna talk about

2010-12-07 19:29 aavsoguest-12: wgat

2010-12-07 19:29 aavsoguest-12: what

2010-12-07 19:30 HQA: long days down there; still another 20mins before I can take flats

2010-12-07 19:30 aavsoguest-12: Do you take flats every night?

2010-12-07 19:30 HQA: about once a week

2010-12-07 19:31 HQA: should be more often, but once a night for this configuration is too often

2010-12-07 19:31 aavsoguest-12: My flats will be old enough to drink next week

2010-12-07 19:31 HQA: double stars don't care

2010-12-07 19:32 aavsoguest-9: BKL change nickname to John-BKL

2010-12-07 19:32 HQA: ah, sunset. The 4m dome isn't open - means they aren't observing

2010-12-07 19:33 HQA: the CTIO webcam is at

2010-12-07 19:33 aavsoguest-5: where is the 4m there ?

2010-12-07 19:33 HQA: the PROMPT webcam is at

2010-12-07 19:34 RebeccaTurner: I have to take off. I will read the chat archive tomorrow though so if you have any other issues or comments regarding this interface you can mention them here and I'll add them to the list.

2010-12-07 19:34 HQA: in the current PROMPT view (which you can change), the big dome is the 1.3m old 2MASS telescope

2010-12-07 19:34 aavsoguest-12: or CV's

2010-12-07 19:34 HQA: in the CTIO webcam, the 4m is the aluminum, unpainted dome

2010-12-07 19:35 aavsoguest-5: you are gonna overflow my bookmarks here with all these cool webcam links

2010-12-07 19:35 BIW: cul Rebecca

2010-12-07 19:37 aavsoguest-5: wx here is awful tonite, as evidenced by this one that's about 10 miles from here as the crow flies

2010-12-07 19:38 aavsoguest-12: Yer the only one not open Arne

2010-12-07 19:39 aavsoguest-5: what kind of bandwidth do you have into the location arne ?

2010-12-07 19:42 HQA: it is about 400kbps

2010-12-07 19:42 HQA: starting B flats

2010-12-07 19:43 aavsoguest-24: Well, I jost finally logged in and I find the discussion is about music???

2010-12-07 19:43 aavsoguest-24: change nickname to Tom WLM

2010-12-07 19:44 aavsoguest-12: I thought APASS was the one on the far right

2010-12-07 19:44 HQA: the killer is the long readout time of these cameras, so short flat exposures still means a half-hour to finish

2010-12-07 19:44 HQA: yes, it is Jim...clamshell will remain shut for a half hour yet

2010-12-07 19:45 HQA: hi Tom!

2010-12-07 19:45 aavsoguest-12: We are watching Tom

2010-12-07 19:45 aavsoguest-12: You are taking dome flats then

2010-12-07 19:45 aavsoguest-5: yes jim, we are watching arne take flats, kinda like watching grass grow and paint dry

2010-12-07 19:45 HQA: yep, that is why I'm the only one closed. :)

2010-12-07 19:46 aavsoguest-12: Just a screen on the side of the dome or something fancy?

2010-12-07 19:46 aavsoguest-24: Hi Arne: just logged in in time to get called to dinner!!! will check back later but glad to finally get on board wiht the chat room. This new approach looks much easier than the previous one, which I never successfully logged in on.

2010-12-07 19:47 HQA: we'll probably be on for several hours yet, tom. cu

2010-12-07 19:48 HQA: Jim, it is a screen on basically a vertical easel, bolted to the floor

2010-12-07 19:48 aavsoguest-12: ahhhh

2010-12-07 19:49 HQA: Can't mount it on a clamshell

2010-12-07 19:49 aavsoguest-25: Just checking in, looks like this is functioning

2010-12-07 19:49 aavsoguest-25: change nickname to JIM_BJS

2010-12-07 19:50 aavsoguest-25: OKie

2010-12-07 19:50 aavsoguest-26: change nickname to LDJ

2010-12-07 19:50 aavsoguest-26: hi everyone

2010-12-07 19:50 HQA: welcome jim, ldj

2010-12-07 19:50 aavsoguest-25: hi arne

2010-12-07 19:50 aavsoguest-26: so is this using irc on the back end or is it something entirely new?

2010-12-07 19:50 HQA: nope, purely web-based. no irc

2010-12-07 19:51 HQA: some advantages and disadvantages to that approach

2010-12-07 19:51 aavsoguest-25: seems to work real well - even behind the dot mil firewalls! :-)

2010-12-07 19:51 HQA: that is the advantage.

2010-12-07 19:51 aavsoguest-25: no ports to worry about being open

2010-12-07 19:51 aavsoguest-26: irc is a dinosaur of the past, best to move on

2010-12-07 19:54 aavsoguest-26: now we just need an "attach light curve" button?

2010-12-07 19:56 HQA: finished camera 1 flats, now onto camera 2

2010-12-07 19:56 HQA: jim:

2010-12-07 19:56 HQA: in about 15 mins, I'll open up

2010-12-07 19:58 aavsoguest-25: Cool. Where the heck is that?

2010-12-07 19:58 aavsoguest-5: is there a technical reason to not do both cameras at the same time for flats ?

2010-12-07 19:58 HQA: CTIO

2010-12-07 19:59 HQA: groz, the two OTAs are parallel to one another; I don't want the flat lamps from one interfering with the other

2010-12-07 19:59 aavsoguest-25: rr

2010-12-07 19:59 aavsoguest-25: ah, APASS

2010-12-07 19:59 aavsoguest-5: make sense

2010-12-07 20:00 aavsoguest-25: Good luck. Back to work...

2010-12-07 20:08 HQA: last set of flats; another 10 mins

2010-12-07 20:10 HQA: these are the V flats. They take too long - we didn't have enough relays to control the banks properly

2010-12-07 20:13 BIW: The CTIO webcam is almost black now

2010-12-07 20:13 HQA: cheap camera. :)

2010-12-07 20:14 BIW: :-)

2010-12-07 20:16 BIW: No smilie faces :-(

2010-12-07 20:17 HQA: ok, done. now I'll open up and get started

2010-12-07 20:22 RWG: xxx

2010-12-07 20:22 RWG: yyy

2010-12-07 20:22 SDB: Is that kinda like saying "testing" but digitally?

2010-12-07 20:23 RWG: yup, one can open the chat from several winows and enter msgs

2010-12-07 20:23 RWG: and all occure under the same name

2010-12-07 20:24 SDB: sdb change nickname to DonnSDB

2010-12-07 20:25 RWG: RWG change nickname to WolfgangRWG-Win2

2010-12-07 20:26 RWG: WolfgangRWG-Win2 change nickname to WolfgangRWG-Win1

2010-12-07 20:30 BIW: Golf day.. gotta go.. cu all later

2010-12-07 20:35 aavsoguest-27: Looks like it's working...Good job.

2010-12-07 20:35 HQA: ok, APASS is up and running. First frames should be taken in about 20mins

2010-12-07 20:36 HQA: (short nights in Chile)

2010-12-07 20:38 HQA: Jim, looks like the night light is gone.

2010-12-07 20:41 HQA: first images taken, stars are round, I'm heading home. Back on after supper.

2010-12-07 20:56 aavsoguest-4: Good News, Boss

2010-12-07 20:57 aavsoguest-4: Hi Jim

2010-12-07 21:00 aavsoguest-4: Been awhile, Jim... hope all is well in your world.... this is acting up now so closing out... cul

2010-12-07 21:20 aavsoguest-28: everyone is gone

2010-12-07 21:20 aavsoguest-28: change nickname to ArneHome

2010-12-07 21:25 aavsoguest-12: hi tim. all is fine

2010-12-07 22:03 sfra: first of all please get rid of all the nonsense at the top and bottom on this "chat" page

2010-12-07 22:06 sfra: Not sure just what the popup is suppose to do. It comes up with a few lines of textjut below the massive page header

2010-12-07 22:13 sfra: just

2010-12-07 22:28 aavsoguest-24: OK, dinner turned into a Christmas shopping trip but I am back, looks like nearly everyone has bugged out.

2010-12-07 22:29 sfra: yep

2010-12-07 22:29 sfra: is there some way to change my observers initials being used for me here to FrankSFRA that I use in chat

2010-12-07 22:31 aavsoguest-24: looks like hte test was successful,

2010-12-07 22:31 sfra: it wa?

2010-12-07 22:31 sfra: was

2010-12-07 22:32 sfra: ok

2010-12-07 22:32 sfra: in the last 10 minutes this chat has crashed firfox and hung u to a minute

2010-12-07 22:33 sfra: I guess I'll get here early for the next test

2010-12-07 22:34 sfra: I'm assuming that there is no other program but the the web interface that can be used to connect to this "chat"

2010-12-07 22:34 aavsoguest-24: Looks like quite a few individuals from aorund hte world were on at tone time or a nother

2010-12-07 22:35 sfra: yep mostly people wh aren't normally in the chat - which is good

2010-12-07 22:35 sfra: who

2010-12-07 22:36 sfra: I'm assuming because of the emails

2010-12-07 22:36 aavsoguest-24: My compuer is acting up, so I am logging off, back later

2010-12-07 22:37 sfra: I'm sorry about being testy about the chat but

2010-12-07 22:37 sfra: i'll wait

2010-12-07 22:40 sfra: change nickname to FrankSFRA

2010-12-07 22:42 sfra: plus at least one other person left because "this" was acting up

2010-12-07 22:42 aavsoguest-28: my system hung about an hour ago; didn't realize it

2010-12-07 22:43 aavsoguest-28: no perfect software solution for chat

2010-12-07 22:46 aavsoguest-28: heading up to read; cu

2010-12-07 22:46 sfra: No there isn't

2010-12-07 22:46 aavsoguest-28: unless you can find it, Frank. :)

2010-12-07 22:46 sfra: on the old website?

2010-12-07 22:47 aavsoguest-28: byeeee

2010-12-07 22:47 sfra: cu!!

2010-12-07 22:47 sfra: I critique and beta a test a lot of software

2010-12-07 22:47 sfra: is that what you all are looking for ?

2010-12-07 22:48 sfra: testing and comment?

2010-12-07 22:48 sfra: night

2010-12-07 22:58 aavsoguest-24: Looks like this is dead for the night. Bye.

2010-12-08 02:27 aavsoguest-31: change nickname to Grumpy

2010-12-08 02:27 aavsoguest-31: I suppose it all depends where you are on this little ball of dirt :-)

2010-12-08 02:29 aavsoguest-31: This seems to work a treat from New Zealand at 19:29 GMT+13

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