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Here is the application Pleione 3.0 !

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Here is the application Pleione 3.0 !

This is a software for visual observers. You can read  the details in attached files.

Please visit the hompage of Pleione

Clear skies!

CSM - Matyás Csukás

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Thank you Matyás for your

Thank you Matyás for your programme!

I did download and I am trying to configure the programme to my liking. I did have some or a lot of wonky starts. One needs to edit the dat files for an observer, because the programme does not accept user input. That window kept crashing.

Not seeing an AAVSO chart in Night Mode, (it took some eight starts to see them) 
then, not seeing the AAVSO chart directory? (I have no earthly idea why it did this.)
It kept asking for the Tycho star catalog, when clearly it was in the right directory. (Any ability to use Tycho 2 or Hipparchos?)

The programme kept trying to re-install itself until I put the installation files in the original directory and added pointers to it. (This is annoying)
And then, the programme did not like to start-up under it's own Pleione folder. 
Again, it re-installed a duplicate of itself. Which is a pain. Is it really necessary for an additional folder for Pike Software? If not, ditch it. It's not a deal breaker, but I don't like it. I should be able to put downloaded software where I need it, not what the programmer wants.

These are not critical, they are observations and obstacles that I have found for installation, that others may find unpleasant.

I will be undergoing a severe medical procedure (open heart) next week and my recovery time is more than six months. I will certainly enjoy being able to use only a laptop at the eyepiece rather than four-six pound binders with charts.
Make no mistake, it is a brilliant programme and will make VSOing more accessable to the public, as well, with a "this is a finder chart" now that we are in the field of a variable, let's look at an AAVSO estimate chart.

Oh, as aside, how does it use the AAVSO Bulletin? I downloaded the latest Bulletin (78) and the programme went into fits. I used all the criteria that I could gather from Bulletin 76 and still, it has issues with it. What are the criteria, the programme looks at?



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