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How to alert moderators about potential misuse of forums?

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How to alert moderators about potential misuse of forums?

I have just seen a couple of posts that have recently appeared at this forum and that have the typical characteristics of spammers. I do not see a button to "notify moderator" or anything like that. How do I warn the moderators about potential misuse of forums?

Hernán [DHEB]

How to alert moderators about potential misuse of forums?

I don't think that posts are moderated, but I completely agree that there needs to be a mechanism for alerting those who have the ability to delete items to possible misuse.  Very recent experience appears to demonstrate that self-policing is inadequate.

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What to do then?

Thanks for your answer. What can we, normal non-abusive users, do then? May be we can answer the post with some appropriate hashtag?

Forum Moderation

Hello all,

Thank you for your concern. At AAVSO headquarters we do our best to moderate the content of the forums, however, it is difficult to look through everything, and sometimes things fall through the cracks. We encourage our users to report spam and other violations to us immediately through the following channel:

From there we will resolve the issue and delete as necessary. We would also ask that you not respond to the offending messages and instead notify us and let us deal with them internally. Thanks again for your support and cooperation.

Bert Pablo
Staff Astronomer

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Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your response. I will keep this info in mind in case I see any other spam attempts.


Hernán [DHEB]

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Provide link in the forum header/footer?

I think it would be worthwhile to include a link to a contact form that sends a message to, should not be too hard to implement. (I'm also writing this to displace a particular aggressive spam entry from the Home Page forum teaser box :-) ).


EDIT: and my mail to just bounced, is it possible that there is a problem with this address?



Eric Dose
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And/or add "Report abuse to

And/or add "Report abuse to" prominently onto every forum page.

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