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HQ status after the Boston bombings

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I wanted everyone to know that no staff member was injured as a result of the bombings in Boston.  Doc Kinne was volunteering for commonications logistics, but was not near the area, and HQ itself is about 8 line-of-sight miles from downtown Boston.  Our thoughts are with those that were injured or killed.


My thoughts are with the
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My thoughts are with the people injured during this cowardly act but I am glad that everyone from HQ is safe.



Thanks for the update!
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Such a terrible, senseless event. I know Doc was so happy to be able to volunteer for the race.  In the aftermath he was able to provide some communications assistance for the response, and we should all be very proud of him for that. We should all help in any way we can. I know that in the coming days people who were not directly connected with the event may show signs of anxiety (especially when faced with large public gatherings). We need to support each other as everyone deals with the event in their own personal way.

Thanks for the update, Arne. Even though you are all safe, we will continue to keep you and the entire Boston area in our thoughts.

Kris Larsen

Very sad news coming from
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Very sad news coming from Boston, I am glad that nobody from HQ was affected. I send my condolences to the victims and their relatives.

I feel sympathy in this moment, as these criminal acts were sadly usual in my country.

What a horrible thing to
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David Benn
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What a horrible thing to do. I'm glad to hear that no AAVSO staff were physically hurt.

I imagine that many people are still feeling on edge though.

All the best.


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