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HST Campaigns, Planning & Moonlight

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HST Campaigns, Planning & Moonlight

I am unable to contribute to the CW Mon campaign visually, because it is impossible to detect 15th magnitude with a full moon nearby, even with my 20" aperture. A similar problem occured a month ago with another campaign target.

Some CCD operators are able, but I think others are also seriously affected by nearby moonlight, especially with smaller instruments and "dirty" atmospheres.

I would like to strongly suggest that the campaign investigators/planners consider the proximity of the moon when scheduling these simultaneous ground based amateur observations!

A good criterion would be to require the moon to be >6 hours in R.A. E or W of the object during the prime observing windows.

Mahalo, Mike LMK

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Hello Mike   I think that

Hello Mike


I think that in this case, the time of obervations is governed by supporting HST. 


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