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HST observations of IU Leo (HS1055+0939): all went well

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HST observations of IU Leo (HS1055+0939): all went well

Dear All,

yesterday, HST observed successfully HS1055+0939=IU Leo.

Thank you very much for the very detailed monitoring that
you provided - this was extremely helpful to reassure everybody
that the recent outburst was indeed over, and the star was not
up to anything else.

At a first glance, the UV spectrum suggests that the accreting
white dwarf in this long-period dwarf nova may be relatively hot,
which would be consistent with the fact that the system has
relatively frequent dwarf nova outbursts - but we will need a bit
more time for a detailed analysis.

Best wishes,

Boris Gaensicke

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Good Info!

Thanks for the feedback, Boris.  This really gives me, and hopefully all observers, a better feeling for what our observations contributed to the research. I wish more PI's would give similar brief "executive summaries" of the campaign and its scientific objective/findings.

Mike LMK

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