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Image Archive and Image Protocols

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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Image Archive and Image Protocols

Now that I am analyzing images from BSM, I would like feeback on my handling of the images and have a question about image archive.

Image processing. I stack each image of each filter and then use the stack to analyze in VPhot. I assume this is the correct procedure regardless of whether they are very short (2 sec for some) or reasonably long (60 sec so far) integrations.

Question: Should I zip and archive the stack? The alternative is to simply delete all once reported.

Question: Are the original images archived by AAVSO? If so, once I stack, I assume I can delete the originals.

I archive all of my images taken with my scope.

Thanks for the feedback


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Hi Ed:

Yes, want to stack replicate images to improve SNR and to average any scintillation and noise.

I assume you are getting the BSM images in your image list? I'm not sure what/why you are zipping and archiving anything? Do you mean you are downloading your BSM images from VPhot and storing them somewhere?

There is no need to save the images yet again on your local computer. They are stored on the BSM scope computer for a while and then deleted there. All BSM images  (all AAVSONet scope images) are rsynced and stored at HQ on Occam computer and also archived on a separate HD later. The images you get in your image list come from Occam after processing.

There is also no need to delete your images from your VPhot account image list. They will be deleted after 120 days. You can but no need to. You certainly would want to keep them there, if you discover an error in photometry later.


Ed Wiley_WEY
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Procedures Thanks Ken

Thanks, Ken, that was the exact information I needed.


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