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incomplete light curves

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incomplete light curves


I am new to this science. I have done the exoplanet course in April this year. I first had to complete an asteroid observing course to received my observatory code from the MPC. This the reason for starting only now with this science. 

If I use the data given in the course  WASP 12 b I get the perfect light curve when using ASTROIMAGEJ so I do understand the software program but it is when I use my own data from say WASP 15 b or HATS 28 b that I have problems. The light curve is just half or part of what it should be. That goes for all my exoplanet data. Is there something missing with in my data ?. I am doing every thing I was told during the course so it must be the data.

I use a 9.25 celestron with SBIG 8300 ccd and guiding. Exposure time  30sec and I have about 500 slices. I live in the Southern Hemi. 

I know this is not a easy answer and you probably need much more info.

At this stage any help will help me to go forward.



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incomplete light curves

An incomplete light curve can result from a time error:

1. Are the beginning and end of the transit defined correctly?
2. Are the time formats mixed up?
3. Is the time entered correctly in the "Find and Normalize Region Selection" field?
4. Is the time converted to BJD?

There is really little information.


I also observe transits. So far I haven’t accumulated a lot of statistics and I have little experience, but I’m working on it ;)



thanks for your input. What do you mean by the beginning and end transit defined correctly? I have started the session half an hour before and end half an hour after the transit. I put the data into astroimagej do the appature thing ext. and let it do the measurements. Then all these different screens appear with the plot .That is where I can see the plot is not correct. I haven done any editing of info like limb darkening or other stuff. I have only entered the data of the exoplanet into astroimagej.


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Incomplete light curves

Hi Louw,

I will be happy to try to help. Let's take our discussion off-line, however, since we will probably be going back and forth on this and then we can report back to the group the results.

If you email me your AIJ measurements table and the corresponding .plotcfg file, let's start there. My email is:


Dennis Conti
Chair, AAVSO Exoplanet Section

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