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The discovery of a Star That Would Not Die

Supernovae, the explosions of stars, have been observed in the thousands and in all cases they marked the death of a star. However, astronomers recently discovered a remarkable exception; a star that exploded multiple times over a period of more than fifty years.

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‘Monster’ planet discovery challenges formation theory

NGTS-1b is the largest planet compared to the size of its companion star ever discovered in universe – contradicts theories that a planet of this size could not be formed by such a small star.

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NuSTAR Probes Black Hole Jet Mystery

New clues on black hole jets with space and ground-based data...

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How the universe creates gold... and other elements

Finally, scientists know how the universe makes gold. They’ve seen it created in the cosmic fire of 2 colliding stars via the gravitational wave they emitted.

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Spots on Supergiant Star Drive Spirals in Stellar Wind

Newly discovered spots on the surface of the supergiant Zeta Puppis are driving huge spiral structures in its stellar wind.

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