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KIC 8462852   Jul 25.0714   11.813V   

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Stellar News Feed

Another Possibility for Tabby’s Star dips

An alternative explanation for Tabby’s star dips: sporadic events blocking stellar flux on the photosphere of the star. Those events can be due to magnetic activity (as with the Sun), differential rotation, sporadic changes in photospheric abundances, or random variations in convective efficiency...

Read more here

Flow of material is observed for the first time around a young eruptive star

Every year, about two Earth masses of material flows to the disk of the young star V346 Normae from its surroundings, to eventually end up on the star causing a brightening. The hard-to-see phenomenon was captured by a Hungarian-led research group using ALMA, the largest astronomical telescope on Earth. The observation helps in the understanding of a key phenomenon: how circumstellar disks evolve and ultimately form planets.

Blue Large-Amplitude Pulsators (BLAPs) as a new class of variable stars

A new paper published in Nature Astronomy, presents more than a dozen of previously unknown short-period variable stars: blue large-amplitude pulsators (BLAPs).

Read the arXiv paper here (the Nature Astronomy paper can be found here)

New pictures of alpha Ori (Betelgeuse)

The highest resolution image of Betelgeuse released by ALMA, reveals the supergiant’s lower chromosphere, giving a glimpse of life below the surface of the star.

Read more here


A Very Rare Discovery: Failed Star Orbits a Dead Star Every 71 Minutes

Synergy between the rejuvenated Kepler space telescope (K2) and ground-based facilities reveal the properties of a rare cataclysmic variable: a brown dwarf orbiting a white dwarf every 71 minutes.

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