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Return of the King: Time-Series Photometry of FO Aquarii's Initial Recovery from its Unprecedented 2016 Low State

A team of University of Notre Dame astrophysicists led by Peter Garnavich, professor of physics, has observed the unexplained fading of an interacting binary star. This work was made possible with contributions from AAVSO observers through Alert Notice #545

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How to See a Star Explode in 2022

For the first time, astronomers are confidently predicting how to see this type of brilliant blast, which will be visible with the naked eye.

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Exoplanet Anniversary: 1st Alien Worlds Confirmed 25 Years Ago Today

On Jan. 9, 1992, astronomers Alex Wolszczan and Dale Frail published a paper in the journal Nature announcing the discovery of two planets circling an incredibly dense, rapidly rotating stellar corpse known as a pulsar.

Mystery of 'Alien Megastructure' Star Testing Astronomers' Creativity

In September 2015, Yale University's Tabetha Boyajian and her colleagues reported that the star KIC 8462852 has dimmed dramatically multiple times over the past seven years, once by an astounding 22 percent. 

Is Betelgeuse a Cannibal? "Giant Star Betelgeuse May Have Devoured Sun-Size Companion"


The huge, red star Betelgeuse, which marks the hunter's shoulder in the constellation Orion, may have swallowed up a companion star not long ago, a new study suggests.

Read the full story here

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