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Inner Sanctum LPVs for April 2012

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Here is a list of good CCD targets for April as well as a list for visual observers able to observe LPVs fainter than 13th mag.

Name               Range                      date of min mag in April

Z PEG <8.4-13.2>   min(9)
S PSC <9.6-15.0>   min(8)
W AND <7.4-13.7>   min(27)
S TAU <10.2-15.3> min(3)
U AUR <8.5-14.0>   min(19)
X GEM <8.2-13.2>   min(9)
V GEM <8.5-14.2>   min(20)
S GEM <9.0-14.2>   min(10)
S SEX <9.1-13.4>   min(25)
S LEO <10.1-13.9> min(5)
R COM <8.5-14.2>   min(7)
V VIR <8.9-14.3>   min(3)
R CAM <8.3-13.2>   min(7)
S SER <8.7-13.5>   min(12)
R SER <6.9-13.4>   min(7)
W CRB <8.5-13.5>   min(28)
V DRA <9.9-14.2>   min(19)
Z LYR <10.1-14.8> min(14)
RU LYR <10.6-15.1> min(16)
SY AQL <9.5-14.4>   min(23)
ST CYG <9.9-13.9>   min(22)
T DEL <9.3-14.8>   min(14)
RS AQR <10.0-14.0> min(14)
RR PEG <9.2-14.1>   min(28)
RW PEG <9.7-14.0>   min(30)
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