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Inner Sanctum LPVs for March 2012

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Inner Sanctum LPVs for March 2012

For those of you with large telescopes and dark skies or for CCD observers who would like to help fill in the light curves of Bulletin LPVs in the faint end where they could use your help, attached is a list of Inner Sanctum LPvs from the Bulletin for March 2012.

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Additional Information Clarification

Inner Sanctum in the AAVSO vocabulary usually refers to observations fainter than 14th magnitude. These stars are all <13.5.

This is a northern-centric list made for my use, so it cuts off at -10 degrees declination. The work is done, I just thought I would share it in case anyone is interested.

Before the whining starts about why didn't I do it for the whole sky, if you want a custom version for you, here is what I did, make your own.

Using the html Bulletin program, I defined the month of March, dec -10 to +90, and then made a text file of all the names of the stars fainter than 13.5 by hand. I then fed this list into the Bulletin program to create this output, which I converted to word doc format from html.

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Inner Sanctum LPV's

That's a term I haven't heard used in quite a while.

My log shows only 10 positive observations fainter than 13.8  and 10 "fainter thans" 14.0 since obtaining my observer code about 3 years ago (all visual obs with a 12" dob)). 

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