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Interactive version of Bulletin 78

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Interactive version of Bulletin 78

I have now updated my interactive version of the LPV Bulletin for 2015. Also included is the date when the sequence for each variable was last revised in some way. You can download the program (for Mac or PC) from

Ed Wiley_WEY
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Thanks, Tom; this is a very useful resource.


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Seconded! Nice tidy UI too. As someone who writes software myself, an app like this is much appreciated. I especially like the constraints users can put on the RA and Dec settings. But it would be great if HQ could include more LPVs in the bulletin, especially those that are woefully under-observed; and yes, I do realise that's the very reason they don't appear there!

One addition for the next release would be: the ability to save preferences, which are then loaded on startup. I can readily eliminate all stars South of (say) -15° but they're back again when the program is reloaded. Just a thought!

Actually, to add another question:
when constraining both RA range and Dec range, will the RA constraint also apply to the dec range?
For instance, if I set the RA range to 6h - 10h and the dec range to 0-90° will a star at (say) 15h RA and 60° North be included? It's out of RA range but in Dec range.

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Question response

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree it would be good to be able to save the preferences. All of the conditions specified in the preferences have to be met in order for the variable to be included.

Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the update, a very useful tool!

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Thanks Tom. Very

Thanks Tom. Very useful.


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