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IRIS is not suitable calibrate the time series images ?

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IRIS is not suitable calibrate the time series images ?

 IRIS  calibrate my 904 pics -9 hour time series of UX UMA -  well, but the shooting time disappears from image in calibration process and is replaced with a creation time of calibrated image. And time sieries with image calibration time ...

Is there way to get around, and include shooting time in calibrated images??

 I downloaded trial version of MaximDL Pro5, but it choke 904 x 2.8M pics - it can eat only approx 100 pics at time..


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Try Czech free software for

Try Czech free software for variable stars observers: C-Munipack project

Great software for calibration, plot light curve...

Thank you very much Fra.

Sounds good I'll try  c-Munipack.

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LesvePhotometry is a freeware intended for "automatic" reduction of long time-series, it genertates AAVSO reports, Excel file with light curve plot. If you observe in different filter bands, the time series data can be color transformed.

Have a look at

Pierre de Ponthiere

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