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It was 25 years ago this week...

The AAVSO's 75th anniversary celebration was held during August 6-9, 1986, here in Cambridge--exactly 25 years ago this week!

That thought occurred to me this morning as I walked passed the former Birch Street Headquarters from my bus stop to the present-day Headquarters on Bay State Road.

The weather today is as pleasant as it was for that meeting (though a bit more humid and windy then).

Not all that much has changed in the area; some buildings torn down, replaced by apartments (there was a nice Japanese restaurant on the corner back then). The present Birch street tenant is a construction company. And there's more traffic in the area, but it's still fairly quiet here. We, of course, have relocated only about 100 feet down the street, in the former Sky & Telescope offices, and S&T is just a few blocks away. And Headquarters is as busy as ever--so much is the same, but so much is different!

If you were here with us 25 years ago, it will be great to meet again. If you were not here for the 75th, we hope you'll be here for the 100th!










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