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JAAVSO Articles

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JAAVSO Articles

Hi All,


I just received the latest JAAVSO, and I see that many of the articles have only the abstracts. I cannot seem to find how I can get to the entire articles that have only abstracts. Can someone please tell me how to obtain those articles?





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Those are probably abstracts for oral / poster papers presented at recent meetings, for which there is no journal paper at this time.

Gary Billings

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JAAVSO abstracts

Hi Keith:

Most (maybe all) of those "abstracts only" titles were presented at the joint AAVSO-SAS meeting in June.

You can get the complete Proceedings (full papers) at the SAS website:  Go to the "Publications" tab and click on "2017" for the Proceedings PDF.  Feel free to download/save it to your local drive.

You can also view videos of most of the presentations, also on the SAS website "Publications" tab.


Bob B.

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Thanks Bob and Gary. This  is exactly what Ineeded.





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JAAVSO feedback

Fellow AAVSO members and other JAAVSO readers,

I urge you to read the Editorial in the most recent issue of JAAVSO.  In it, we have raised some ideas about how JAAVSO might evolve, to serve the members and other readers better.  We have specifically asked for your feedback.  Please give it some thought, and give us your ideas and opinions, either through this forum or by emailing them to us at AAVSO HQ.


John Percy, JAAVSO Editor


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