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Volume 41 Number 2 2013

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157 Editorial: The Unsung Heroes of the Scientific Publication Process--The Referees
John R. Percy
159 Comments on the UBV Photometric System's Defining Standard Stars
Arlo U. Landolt
  abstract pdf  
182 Discovery of Pulsating Components in the Southern Eclipsing Binary Star Systems AW Velorum, HM Puppis, and TT Horologii
David J. W. Moriarty, Terry Bohlsen, Bernard Heathcote, Tom Richards, Margaret Streamer
  abstract pdf  
193 Amplitude Variations in Pulsating Red Giants
John R. Percy, Romina Abachi
  abstract pdf  
214 V784 Ophiuchi: an RR Lyrae Star with Multiple Blazhko Modulations
Pierre de Ponthière, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Tom Krajci, Kenneth Menzies
  abstract pdf  
227 Simultaneous CCD Photometry of Two Eclipsing Binary Stars in Pegasus--Part 2: BX Pegasi
Kevin B. Alton
  abstract pdf  
264 V2331 Cygni is an Algol Variable with Deep Eclipses
Hans Bengtsson, Pierre Hallsten, Anders hemlin, Gustav Holberg, Thomas Karlsson, Robert Wahlström, Tomas Wikander
  abstract pdf  
267 Data Mining the OGLE-II I-band Database for Eclipsing Binary Stars
Marco Ciocca
  abstract pdf  
283 Eighteen New Variable Stars in Cassiopeia and Variability Checking for NSV 364
Riccardo Furgoni
  abstract pdf  
320 UV-B and B-band Optical Flare Search in AR Lacertae, II Pegasi, and UX Arietis Star Systems
Gary A. Vander Haagen
  abstract pdf  
328 Recent Minima of 199 Eclipsing Binary Stars
Gerard Samolyk
  abstract pdf  
338 The Naked-eye Optical Transient OT 120926
Yue Zhao, Patrick B. Hall, Paul Delaney, J. Sandal
  abstract pdf  
348 Maxima and O-C Diagrams for 489 Mira Stars
Thomas Karlsson
  abstract pdf  
360 I-band Measurements of Red Giant Variables: Methods and Photometry of 66 Stars
Terry T. Moon
  abstract pdf  
373 Monitoring Solar Activity Trends with a Simple Sunspotter
Kristine Larsen
  abstract pdf  
379 Book Review: The Life and Death of Stars (Lang)
John B. Lester
  abstract pdf  
381 Book Review: Meeting Venus--a Collection of Papers Presented at the Venus Transit Conference, Tromsø 2012 (Sterken and Aspaas, eds.) 
John R. Percy
  abstract pdf  
389 Abstracts of Papers and Posters Presented at the 102nd Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, May 16-18, 2013, Boone North Carolina
  abstract pdf
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