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JAAVSO volume 43, number 1 is published


The printed version of this issue will be available soon. Please watch for the announcement on our main web page.

The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers
Volume 43, Number 1, 2015

Table of Contents


The Rise and Fall and Rise of the David Dunlap Observatory
John R. Percy

Variable star analysis

Long Term Photometric and Spectroscopic Monitoring of Semiregular Variable Stars
Robert R. Cadmus, Jr.

Photometric Analyses and Spectral Identification of the Early-Spectral Type W UMa Contact Binary V444 Andromedae
Ronald G. Samec, Russell Robb, Danny R. Faulkner, Walter Van Hamme

The Curious Case of ASAS J174600-2321.3: an Eclipsing Symbiotic Nova in Outburst?
Stefan Hümmerich, Sebastián Otero, Patrick Tisserand, Klaus Bernhard

New Variable Stars Discovered by the APACHE Survey. II. Results After the Second Observing Season
Mario Damasso, Lorenzo Gioannini, Andrea Bernagozzi, Enzo Bertolini, Paolo Calcidese, Albino Carbognani, Davide Cenadelli, Jean Marc Christille, Paolo Giacobbe, Luciano Lanteri, Mario G. Lattanzi, Richard Smart, Allesandro Sozzetti

UXOR Hunting among Algol Variables
Michael Poxon

Sudden Period Change and Dimming of the Eclipsing Binary V752 Centauri
Anthony Mallama, Hristo Pavlov

The δ Scuti Pulsation Periods in KIC 5197256
Garrison Turner, John Holaday

Early-Time Flux Measurements of SN 2014J Obtained with Small Robotic Telescopes: Extending the AAVSO Light Curve
Björn Poppe, Thorsten Plaggenborg, WeiKang Zheng, Isaac Shivvers, Koichi Itagaki, Alexei V. Filippenko, Jutta Kunz

Recently Determined Light Elements for the δ Scuti Star ZZ Microscopii
Roy Andrew Axelsen, Tim Napier-Munn

A Photometric Study of ASAS J184708-3340.2: an Eclipsing Binary with Total Eclipses
Robert C. Berrington, Erin M. Tuhey

A Binary Model for the Emission Line Star FX Velorum
Mel Blake, Maisey Hunter

Comparison Between Synthetic and Photometric Magnitudes for the Sloan Standard Stars
Anthony Mallama

Variable star data

Revised Light Elements of 78 Southern Eclipsing Binary Systems
Margaret Streamer, Jeff Byron, David J. W. Moriarty, Tom Richards, Bill Allen, Roy Axelsen, Col Bembrick, Mark Blackford, Terry Bohlsen, David Herald, Roland Idaczyk, Stephen Kerr, Ranald McIntosh, Yenal Ogmen, Jonathan Powles, Peter Starr, George Stockham

Recent Maxima of 67 Short Period Pulsating Stars
Gerard Samolyk

Recent Minima of 149 Eclipsing Binary Stars
Gerard Samolyk

Instruments, methods, and techniques

Video Technique for Observing Eclipsing Binary Stars
Hristo Pavlov, Anthony Mallama

History and biography

Margaret Harwood and the Maria Mitchell Observatory
James W. Hanner

Some Personalities from Variable Star History
Edited by Thomas R. Williams, Michael Saladyga

Some Personal Thoughts on TV Corvi
David H. Levy

Abstracts of Papers and Posters Presented at the 103rd Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, November 6–8, 2014, Woburn, Massachusetts

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