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The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (JAAVSO)

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The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (ISSN 0271-9053) is the research publication of the AAVSO. 

Launched in 1972 and published twice a year, The Journal (or JAAVSO) contains scholarly research articles submitted by members of the AAVSO community on a wide range of topics relevant to the AAVSO and variable star astronomy.  The Journal is also the primary publication for papers and abstracts presented at AAVSO meetings.  The Journal is a refereed publication, open to any and all amateur and professional members of the variable star research and observation community, as well as related scholarly groups such as computer and information scientists, historians, and educators.

Publication in the Journal requires a page charge of US$100/page for the final printed manuscript.  Page charges are waived for Members of the AAVSO.  With the exception of abstracts of papers presented at AAVSO meetings, papers submitted to the Journal are peer reviewed by individuals knowledgable about the topic being discussed.  We cannot guarantee that all submissions to the Journal will be published, but we encourage authors of all experience levels and in all fields related to variable star astronomy and the AAVSO to submit manuscripts.  We especially encourage students and other mentees of researchers affiliated with the AAVSO to submit results of their completed research.

The Editor of the Journal is Dr. John Percy, University of Toronto.  Click here for a full list of the current editorial staff and editorial board.  All correspondence regarding the Journal, including manuscripts and referee's reports, should be sent to journal at or sent via postal mail to JAAVSO Editor, 49 Bay State Road, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States.

Electronic Journal (eJAAVSO)

The online counterpart of the Journal is the Electronic JAAVSO, or eJAAVSO. The eJAAVSO consists of papers that have been refereed, edited, and accepted for publication in the paper edition of the Journal. Its purpose is to speed and broaden the dissemination of variable star research to the global astronomical community, and make papers available to interested parties. All papers and abstracts from 1972 to the present are accessible to all readers via the eJAAVSO page. In addition, a PDF file of each complete issue of The Journal from Volume 36 on is available free of charge to members via the eJAAVSO page.

Publication schedule

The Journal is published and available for printing on June 15 (Number 1 of the volume) and December 15 (Number 2) every year. Papers that are accepted for publication in an issue are available before the official publication dates via eJAAVSO.

Subscriptions and paper copies

Electronic access to individual papers published in eJAAVSO is free and open to everyone regardless of membership status.  Articles of the Journal are available from and may be searched via the NASA Astrophysics Data System (NASA/ADS) Abstract Service.  We also allow and encourage authors to publish their accepted Journal manuscripts via independent abstract services such as  Members of the AAVSO may access the electronic version of full issues (which include meeting abstracts and other business matter) when they are published.  Individuals may purchase printed copies of recent Journal issues via Createspace.  Paper copies of Journal issues prior to volume 36 are available in limited quantities directly from AAVSO Headquarters; please contact the AAVSO for available issues.  Institutions and Libraries may subscribe to the Journal as part of the Complete Publications Package or as an individual subscription.

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