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Juptier/X CNC "Conjunction

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Juptier/X CNC "Conjunction

Hello Folks,


Since we had such a beautiful Venus/Pleiades conjunction this past week, I thought I would mention another pretty "conjuntion" of a variable star kind. Using binoculars, look at Jupiter. In the same field to the lower right is an arrow shaped pattern running right to left. That is the famous arrow shaped pattern that contains the binocular variable star (and one of my favorites) X CNC. Download a binocular chart from VSP, and enjoy Jupiter and make an observation of X CNC. It cannot get any easier than this!!


Chris Stephan  SET

Classical Science by Stephan

Wooster, Ohio

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X Cnc is close, but SY Cnc is

X Cnc is close, but SY Cnc is even worse due to the glare of Jupiter. If you look at the light curve (last 100 days), there aren't many observations the last month...!

Deconinck Michel
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Thank you Kris for your

Thank you Kris for your advice, last nice I had the opportunity to have a look at this rendez-vous :


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