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Just new... my first Vega spec

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Just new... my first Vega spec

Hi Folks

I got a clear sky few days ago in Belgium and I try to get Rspec running correctly with camera calibration rools of Vega Star.

I wiuld like to share with you my curve and would like to know what you think about for my first instrument responce curve with Vega star.

Here the BMP to watch about.

What do you think about?

Waiting for some replay

Kind regards

Clear sky

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Can't upload the pic?

Hi I can't upload the pic to show you my result and so you could tell me if something is wrong on it?




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I think that the calibration is incorrect. The line you have labelled as Ha is a telluride line at 6869 or 7605.

I think Ha is the dip half way between what you have labelled as Ha and Hb.




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