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Kepler VStar plugin works for K2 as well

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Kepler VStar plugin works for K2 as well

By now most people know that the Kepler spacecraft has recently run out of gas.  After the highly successful initial mission ended with a reaction wheel failure, a second mission was developed to continue operation on fields along the ecliptic - the K2 mission.

I was recently working with Kepler light curves in VStar and wondered if the K2 light curves would also work.  Good news, they do.  The documentaion has been updated to indicate the use of the K2 as well as Kepler light curves in VStar.


David Benn
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That's awesome Cliff. Thank you.


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Cliff - Thanks so much for

Cliff - Thanks so much for adding so much detail for K2 and for extending the documentation! Kepler is the gift that keeps on giving - and so is VStar! :)


David Benn
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Kepler observation source plugin

Thanks for your help with issues arising during Kepler observation source plugin development Doug.

The cool thing is that it was only about 200 lines of Java code in the end (out of almost 100,000 total lines of VStar code including unit test code etc). smiley


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