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LCG plots do not show griz filtered data

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LCG plots do not show griz filtered data



the LCG plot site does not have the option to show in addition to UBVRI data also griz filtered data.

Are there plans to add this functionality?




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griz-filtered data

Hi Josch,

We are slowly implementing Sloan photometry into our tools.  You can now submit Sloan observations, and download them.  We still need to add them to LCG and VSP/Photometry Table, for example.  Part of that is waiting for a major comparison-star database update that will occur near the end of the year, filling in with APASS where photometry is missing (and adding the g'r'i' photometry from that survey).  The tools like LCG will be updated after that, as right now there is insufficient data in other bands to make it a high priority item.

Until that happens, the best way to see Sloan photometry is to use VStar.  You can download all of the observations and select which filter you wish to see.


Andrey Prokopovich
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CV data in V filtered data

When I trying to select only V-band photometry LCG also selects and shows Unfiltered w/V zero point observations. Is it ok or is it a bug?

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