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HT Cassiopeiae

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HT Cassiopeiae is an eclipsing dwarf nova of the SU Ursae Minoris (UGSU) subclass.  The UGSU typically undergo occasional short normal outbursts punctuated by rarer superoutbursts that are brighter and longer than usual.  HT Cas last underwent a superoutburst in late 2010, lasting for around two weeks, but since then it has only had one confirmed normal outburst, and even that one lasted only a day or so.  It isn't clear how infrequent the normal outbursts are -- whether they're genuinely infrequent or whether they're so fast that we're simply missing them.  For that reason, HT Cas requires frequent monitoring.

For more information visit: /vsots_suuma
Prepared By: Matthew Templeton
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