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IW Andromedae

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IW Andromedae is a member of the Z Camelopardalis class of cataclysmic variables, which are dwarf novae with higher-than-average mass accretion rates.  These stars will occasionally get "stuck" in a high state between quiescence and full outburst, sometimes remaining there for years before (somehow) switching back to a normal state.

IW And was one of the targets on Mike Simonsen's "Z Cam-paign" list, designed to definitively classify a number of tentatively classified (or outright mis-classified) Z Cam stars.  Even among the Z Cam stars the behavior of IW And was remarkable at first, but it was eventually realized that the star was indeed a Z Cam, switching back and forth between the outbursting phase and the standstill phase several times a season.

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Prepared By: Matthew Templeton
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