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KT Eridani

KT Eri is a classical nova that erupted in late 2009.  This nova (Nova Eri 2009) reached magnitude 5.5 in mid-November.  It declined to about magnitude 11.5 by mid-February 2010, but remained fairly constant throughout the rest of the 2009-2010 season, with irregular flickering of about half a magnitude.  Quasi-periodic variations were also observed in KT Eri at X-ray wavelengths with timescales of around 30 seconds, the origins of which are not yet understood but may be thermonuclear instability.  Recently, this star has been suggested as a possible Type Ia supernova progenitor as well.

KT Eri had declined to 14th magnitude by late 2010, and to around 15th by early 2011.  The first observation received for the 2011-201 season indicates that it's still around 15th magnitude.  Observations of novae in the late stages are still quite interesting, so we hope to see more observations of KT Eri in the coming months.

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