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R Caeli

R Caeli is a fine southern Mira with large amplitude and period just under 400 days.  It's one of our LPV Program stars, as well as being one of the LPVs with "humps".  In this stretch of the light curve, there's a shoulder during rising light, and it's also clear there's quite a large variation in maximum light from cycle to cycle.  Observing such stars over time can help us understand why these stars behave this way and can (perhaps) provide observational data that modelers can try to match with numerical simulations.  Like several other southern miras, R Cae has become somewhat less well observed in recent years, so more visual observations would be great.  Ideally, we'd like to have both visual and CCD coverage for many of these stars: visual for its long baseline coverage, and calibrated, multifilter CCD so that we can try and calibrate visual data.

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