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RR Pictoris

RR Pic (Nova Pictoris 1925) is an example of a slow nova, which are classical nova systems whose light output changes on timescales of months and years rather than the days and weeks of typical novae.  Slow novae are believed associated with lower-mass white dwarf primaries, perhaps as low as 0.6 solar masses for the most extreme slow novae.  Another feature seen in some slow novae is the presence of multiple peaks.  V723 Cas (Nova Cas 1995) is a good example of this, as is V5558 Sgr (Nova Sgr 2007); RR Pic briefly showed similar variability but not to the same extent.  You can see it clearly if you use the light curve generator to zoom in (try viewing from JD 2424250 to 2424500).  RR Pic took many decades to decline back to quiescence, taking until the late 1960s to reach true quiescence.

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