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Light Curve Gen *was* broken

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Eric Dose
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Light Curve Gen *was* broken

One minute LCG works and the next it gives this error message:


Sorry, we were unable to make a plot for S CYG (000-BCK-485) for the interval (2452996.18268927 - 2457996.182689271) and settings you selected.

This is often because we didn't have any data to plot. Try expanding your settings and trying again. If you think we have data and that this is a problem with our system, e-mail a bug report to with the plot #112391863 and as many details as possible.


Someone broke something. My observation program is dead until this is repaired. I have e-mailed separately. Note this is the original LCG that I use every day, not the version 2.

Please help, and



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LCG issue

Should be fixed now. There was a filesystem problem and the web server was taken down for a few minutes at 1pm.


Eric Dose
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Holy guacamole, I didn't even

Holy guacamole, I didn't even finish my 2nd slice of lunch pizza before this was back up. We are impressed.

Last night's 114 Mira obs coming at you. Thanks a 10^6, George.

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