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Light Curve Generator

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Light Curve Generator

During the past few weeks Light Curve Generator (LCGv2)has been misbehaving on my iMac. (Mojave)

When asking for the curve the list of the contributing observers is superimposed over the lower half of the curve thus making a complete curve analysis impossible.

When using my Windows10 computer this problem does not occur and it works fine.


Any suggested as to how to get the LCGv2 to work like it use to on my iMac would be appreciated.


Dave  DDJ


We have noticed this problem

We have noticed this problem and are working on a solution to this. However, it's surprising that you're having issues specifically with mac. Our computers at headquarters are all Mac and none of us have had issues. The only reports we had up to this point were with windows machines. Do you mind telling me what web browser you are using so that we have a bit more information to diagnose this problem?



Bert Pablo
Staff Astronomer, AAVSO


Hi Pablo:

I am able to see all of the light curve by using the "Command " key in conjunction with the  "plus" key.

I have to do this three times and then the complete light curve of my target will appear.

I am using Safari 12.0.3 (14606.4.5) on my iMac Mojave.

I hope this helps.



Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


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I've seen the same contribution/graph overlay problem for the past few weeks.  Just checking now, it works fine on my old macbook "el captian" as it should.  Contributior list under the graph.  On a windows 7 machine it works correctly on firefox, google chrome and explorer.  On my iMac with Mojave running, using Safari, the contributors box overlays the graph.  On my Windows 10 machine the overlay is present in Edge, Firefox as well as Google Chrome.  I'm sure one time though, on the windows 10 using edge it worked fine.  Although you can rescale the y axis (magnitude) to get the lower end  (usually the blue reports) above the contributor box I still couldn't get it high enough to read the dates.  

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LCG2 Display Issue: workaround

I've had the Problem in Windows, when the browser and the LCG are displayed full screen.

When I reduce the size of the window (to less than full screen) the full chart is visible. See attached screen shots.


Inconsistent Scaling is problem

Roy's screen shots clearly demonstrate that the blue contributors panel does not scale when the plot panel scales. What kind of browser objects are these panels: frames? popups? Trying to work around this problem with keyboard (Windows Ctrl-plus & Ctrl-minus or MacOS Cmd-plus Cmd-minus) should work uniformly all over the browser tab. Something in LCG2 is non-compliant with web standards.

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LCGv2 "table overlap problem" has been fixed

Hello All,

Thank you for your helpful workaround solutions to the problem of the table of contributors overlapping the plot. Thanks to our volunteer programmer, William, this problem has now been corrected in the code so it should plot correctly in all browsers with no more overlap.

Many thanks, Sara

Yeah I am also facing this

Yeah I am also facing this issue, in fact my laptop is new I recently bought it from sale offers from Christmas Coupon I was thinking there is an issue with my laptop, but after reading your post I came to know the problem. 

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LCGv2 table overlap

Hello Stella,

I thought that this problem had been fixed. Would you please give me more information about what operating system and browser you are using? Also, attaching a screenshot showing the problem might be helpful.

If you change the size or shape of your browser window, are you able to make the problem go away?

Many thanks,

I also faced the same problem

I also faced the same problem couples a month ago, then I sell my mac at purchased the latest MacBook pro from online shopping Coupons. Now I am not facing this problem. I think this problem is not a specific model. 

Eric Dose
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