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Light Curve Generator Upgrades

We recently released a significant update to the backend systems for the AAVSO website. While most of the bugs introduced by this update have been fixed, there may still be problems we haven't fixed. If you run into a problem, please email

Some work has been done recently to the AAVSO's Light Curve Generator.

Three additional filters, the Tri-R, Tri-G, and Tri-B filters, primarily used in DSLR work, were added to the data that the Light Curve Generator can now display. This should be of great use to people monitoring bright variable stars with cameras, among others.

By popular demand the "Unknown" filter was put back online. While it still comprises a sizable minority of the data in the AID, it should not be used to enter any observations into the database.

Finally, in the list of people who contribute to the data to the light curve, their organizational affiliations have been added to their obscodes, names, and countries.

More additions to the Light Curve Generator are on the way!

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