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List of NABG cameras

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List of NABG cameras

Is there a list of CCD cameras with no anti-blooming gate for anyone looking to buy one?  SBIG will list which of its cameras are ABG and which ones are NABG but that's all I could find so far.

Ed Wiley_WEY
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NABG Cameras

Moravian has several. I bought their G2 Mark I with the 1603 chip and internal filter wheel and like it very much. Ed Thomas is the US rep last time I checked but I don't know if he still carries that brand.


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Hi Tim,

Basically, most "Kodak" sensors (KAFxxxxx) are NABG, as implemented in typical cameras.  Almost everything else is ABG.  All CMOS cameras are ABG.  Both ABG and NABG work fine for photometry, as the nonlinear portion of the ABG response is not digitized with the typical setup.  So as for a specific list of cameras, I don't know of one, but finding out whether a particular camera is ABG or NABG is pretty easy.


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