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List of target, comparison, and check stars for PEP-V observations

The link below contains the list of current stars in the PEP database.  V band observations of these stars may be reduced via the PEPObs web tool.  This list is also used by the BVI reduction spreadsheet.

Click here to obtain a comma-separated (.csv) list of PEP target, comparison, and check stars.  This file evolves over time.  The current version is as of October 3, 2020. A "Change Log" can be found here.

The format of the lines is as follows:

Field 1: abbreviation of variable star  (eg: ALF SCO, NSV 6687, V368 HER)
      2: modern AAVSO designation
      3: old AAVSO designation
      4-6: variable RA hh,mm,ss
      7-9: variable Dec dd,mm,ss
      10: variable spectral type
      11: variable V magnitude
      12: variable B-V
      13: comparison star ID
      14-16: comparison RA hh,mm,ss
      17-19: comparison Dec dd,mm,ss
      20: comparison V magnitude
      21: comparison B-V
      22: check star ID
      23-25: check  RA hh,mm,ss
      26-28: check Dec dd,mm,ss
      29: check V magnitude
      30: delta (B-V) of variable and comparison

The list is given in order of Right Ascension.  Comparison and check stars are always identified by HR, HD, or SAO numbers.  Variables are occasionally identified this way.  In an ASCII file like this, ambiguity can arise for stars with Bayer designations MU or NU, since these are also Greek letters.  The Greek designations, when intended, are here given as MIU and NIU.  Some stars have synonym abbreviations, and so appear twice in the list.

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