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lists and statistics

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lists and statistics

Our Deepsky friends use it all the time: checklists to keep track of their observations. The famous Messier list, the Hershel 400, Hershel II, Caldwell, ...

Because lists and comparing can be fun, here are my stats:

- total: 2948 observations
- 311 different objects
- first obs.: SS Cyg om 18 August 1997
- oldest "last" observation: SN 2011 BY
top 10:
Z UMa (47)
S UMi (42)
S UMa (39)
V UMi (38)
T UMi (35)
SS Cyg (35)
R Sct (35)
U Del (34)
EU Del (34)
UX Ori (33)
Now I still "miss" the numer of observations per type, the number of observed legacy stars, the percentage of legacy stars, ...

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Thanks for the list

Hi Bruno,

Very interesting and thanks for the list!  I've been fooling around with my own stats in the last couple of months in Excel pivot tables and looking at all kinds of interesting things like what months are most productive for me, the split between my CCD observations and my visual ones and my most popular stars, etc.  I'll try to get back here to post some of them when I have more time.

One of the things that I always found interesting when we first started the old AAVSO mailing list was that many of us would post "annual reports" giving similar information and of course always complaining about the weather.   It really was fun hearing what other observers were doing.

Something that looking at my stats prompted me to do was to get a few visual observations with my homemade 6 inch dob while my automated system collected data on stars I probably could never see visually.  I thought I was getting a little too CCD heavy and looking at the stats reminded me how much fun it was observing visually.  Boy I found out how really rusty I was but it was still fun!

.....Tim (HTY)  

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