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Load Simbad Data

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Load Simbad Data

Is the Load Simbad Data tool (in the Catalogs menu) currently functional?  If so, how do I make in work?


worked for me

I just tested it and got a about 15  TYC stars and a  KOI star.. They show red squares on the image, however, they don't appear in the sequence list to the left. That behaves differently than when I load variable star index. On Variable star index, I get 25 Keplers that have red stars next to them on the sequence list, mostly because their variablility is to small to be seen from the ground.


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Simbad Data


Start with this paragraph on p13 of vphot guide.

SIMBAD: This will import all data from SIMBAD (from various catalogs). The stars will not
be added to the measurement list, they will merely be marked with red squares. These
squares link to SIMBAD, and clicking on them will open SIMBAD in a new browser
window. This information can be used for manual entry of a comp star.

Make sense? Ask more.


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Simbad data

Thanks Ray and Ken.  It works fine for me now.  My error was trying to select a specific star, then clicking on the Simbad tool for the information, i.e. I was doing it backwards. 


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