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Logging VSX- & GSC catalogue objects?

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Logging VSX- & GSC catalogue objects?

Hi. Spent some time in the neighborhood of Lalande 21185 the other night, and logged the nearby GSC 02521-00840 and VSX J110213.8+354226 - which are indicated as variables on chart 10814BOX. Are these observations of any value? If so, how to report them?

Will these stars remain under these names, or what is the procedure?


Tnx & rgds


Bjorn Mansdahl









Reporting observations

Hi Bjorn,

You can report observations using these names, but personally I think there is little value in isolated visual observations of contact binaries like these.


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Hi and thanks

Hi and thanks Patrick,

I will continue to focus on other variables instead, just didn't know how to handle these. They just turned up as a bonus.




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